Thursday, April 29, 2010

Your next creative hit (or swing!)

I just had a glance at my diary and let me tell you, there is a lot of highlighted scribbles and not much white space. But amongst the pen-stained lines, there are a couple of events and heavily underlined notes worth a mention. So please feel free to find a led and pencil these dates into your diary.

The Finders Keepers Markets - Friday 7th & Saturday 8th May
Held twice a year, The Finders Keepers Markets are an opportunity for emerging artists and designers to showcase their work and earn some mula. Located at CarriageWorks, you can pick up some unique designs and most importantly get to check out what other people are doing and bringing to the independent art and design scene. Since its bi-annual, it would be a downer to miss out on (I will most probably be going after work on Friday, as I have Saturday school that very Saturday) - cause as they say.... Finders! Keepers!

Semi-Permanent Book 2010 Submissions Deadline - Monday 10th May
Nothing beats doing your own self-initiated work. So get out your Adobe Creative Suite or your paintbrush and get cracking! If time agrees with me the following week, a submission may be 'submitted' by moi.

Australian INfront Visual Response 'Black' - Wednesday 19th May
An open brief: Design your 'Visual Response' to the theme 'Black'. It can be absolutely anything! What are your ideas? Be sure to submit on time, as all entries will be up for public vote.

DisBand, An Exhibition - Opening Night Thursday 27th May
Disband is an exhibition about the end of relationships; romantic or otherwise. With the support of one of Sydney's favourite indie art venue's, aMBUSH Gallery, the artspace will be transformed into an apartment of a couple who are undergoing such a break-up. Here the viewer will be able to explore the compiled setting and come to face with the 'featured artworks' which either will be hung or positioned amongst the fictional abode. Sounds interesting to me!
So jot down these dates! Your highlighter awaits ;)

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