Monday, May 10, 2010

Limedrop at the markets

I went to The Finder Keepers Markets and it was exactly how I imagined it to be (even to the lighting!) Andy and I went on the Friday night and it was packed indeed. There was a huge range of illustrations, nicely framed prints and tshirt designs on sale, just as well some carefully crafted handmade purses and a big mix of quirky jewellery items. I have a few birthdays coming up and I was hoping to find something unique and original to give to one of my dear friends. I was waiting for something to pop out at me and once again give me that little wink ;) Until I came across a bunch of people huddling over a table, it took my a minute or two to reach the front of the (mosh) I mean crowd and find this little number. I won't tell or show you what it is as of yet, (because I don't want my friend to see it before her birthday) but I will happily share with you the creative force behind this cute creation - Limedrop.

Based in Fitzroy Melbourne, designer duo Clea Garrick and Nathan Price are known for their mens and womenswear line that combines softness, transparency, functionality and playfulness all into one. Deemed for their unique casual, unisex styling, Limedrop also specialises in handmade cherry wood jewellery pieces which caught the eyes of many market patrons. I was standing there for a while trying to decide on what design to pick, and to be honest I was a little tempted to get a 'Limedrop' for myself. Though, I sustained and got my friend a present that will definitely put a smile on her face.

I took some pictures of it but will share with you only after her birthday has passed. Until then, make sure you check out Limedrop's website. Here are a few of their jewellery designs just to give you a sneak peak. I'm sure they have made a good and lasting impression on Finder Keeper's and other happy customers alike.

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  1. thats so cool haha were you there when it was packed? How crazy was it, no manners applied everyone was just pushing and shoving! Pretty funny

    I just read through a couple of your posts and i love the last one, your smile is amazing beautiful!
    I'll follow you =)

    from spindizzyfall