Thursday, May 13, 2010

My other hobby, my creations!

I have always been a creative person.

Ever since I could hold a crayon I would make drawings, magazine collages, sew, bead, paint, knit and inevitably became a huge fan of Art Attack when it was on. (boy that was a good show, especially at the end when the guy makes a massive artwork only recognizable when seen from above) My Mum would collect all my colourful drawings and place them in an album. I still have a box sitting underneath my bed at home full of DIY projects and favourite creations too precious to throw away. In high school I always did Visual Arts and in my HSC year I tackled 3 art and design majors; Design and Tech, Textiles and Design and Visual Arts once again.

This creativity stayed with me and now I am a full time graphic designer. This time I make things look good on a computer screen and having to clean up my mess of paper cut-offs, loose string and sequins isn't a bother anymore. Though I still like to work with tangible materials and as a little break from bright monitor screens and pixels, I have been making my own jewellery pieces. Drawing inspiration from current trends and what I would like to see sold in jewellery/accessory stores, I have made my own custom range of suede-charmed wraps and multi-coloured charm bracelets.

What do you think?.......

Live, Love, Laugh / Suede Mutli-Charm Tie Bracelet

Night Feather / Suede Cord Charm Wrap (wear as a necklace or wrap bracelet)

Forgotten Dreams / Suede Cord Charm Wrap (wear as a necklace or wrap bracelet)

Highlighter Tokens / Multi-Coloured Satin Cord Charm bracelet

Neon Sunset / Multi-Coloured Satin Cord Charm bracelet

Below is one of my earlier creations. I made it specially for my friend as a birthday present!
The colours and choice of charms matched her personality to the tee! I called this one Cotton Candy
I enjoy making my own pieces but it's more of pleasure when I make them for somebody else. I guess it's that little moment of accomplishment and the honest appreciation received when they first put it on! Plus, it's one of kind! ;)


  1. i like the highlighter tokens...thats really cute :)

  2. Can I buy that liv elove laugh bracelet?