Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Nap On A Cloud

Recent photo mix taken by moi.

Winter snuggie-socks, Favourite artworks from Disband exhibition, my darling kitty-kat Chelsea, strawberry YanYan, hand & light.

And the super cool Limedrop necklace I gave as a pressie that I can finally share with you! So Fantastic Mr. Fox don't you think??? :D

Oh and lastly, a small yet very exciting update!!!
I will be doing a review on the +Red Cross Shop, 359 King. I've been talking to my friends alot about this store as of late and fail to resist not going in each time I walk past it. During the weekend I picked up 3 gorgeous finds and look forward to spreading the love of this one-of-kind charity store. So keep an eye out! ;)


  1. hi honey!
    thanks for your sweet comment :)
    i got size S in the leggings XS would probably really tight but it's probably best to try them on if you have the chance!
    ps. cute blog :)

  2. mmm! those yanyan's are so good, I grew up eating those!

    come and visit!