Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Night Is Young

I can't believe its the weekend already!! Well technically for me, tomorrow afternoon is when my short weekend will begin, but who cares thank god it's Friday!! :D

This week has been so busy, I haven't had the chance to share with you my late night mischief from last weekend! To cut to the chase, my well earned Saturday night out on the town involved alot of red wine, doses of vodka, banquet dishes, rosebud cheeky moments,
red walls, usher O.M.G, range rover rides, black marbel, piano decks, blazers and more red. I don't mind revealing that the morning after wasn't pretty - but what could you expect!?? Work hard - play HARDER I'll say! A girl needs to let her hair down once in a while.... agree??

You know your getting old when the weeks go by quicker, and the years come by even sooner - because NEXT SATURDAY I will be celebrating my birthday!!! Oh dear, I only have just over a week left being a youthful 21-year-old! :( *tear*

The last year has been a whirlwind, but for me I have NO REGRETS whatsoever. So Cheers to my remaining days of being TWO-ONE!

Ps. becareful, red wine will stain ;P

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  1. love the outfit especially your top and the tights. gorgeous. and the food looks so yummy! do follow :)