Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Red Night Wonder

Has anyone else been to Redroom?

I went last Saturday for my dear friends birthday and was certainly impressed! If I was a hardcore socialite (which I'm not) I would definitely regard this corner of the city a little goodie if your down for some genuine old skool tunes. The party started at a hotel my friend booked for the night. (You gotta love losing your inhibitions, unraveling the tightly fitted sheets and drinking out of mugs because there wasn't enough glassware!)

Being an RnB club, the crowd wasn't sleazy and to my surprise it was rather roomy! People were friendly and far from pretentious which is a nice change from my usual club-spots. Getting drinks was unusually fast and just like all 'party people' regardless of the venue, we managed to 'claim' our little area amongst the red glowing decor. The night ended late (or you would rather say ended early morning). With not so much sleep, my friend and I headed to Crown St Surry Hills for brunch and some vintage shopping! Let's just say 'The Kantine Lot' swayed me over, nothing beats a big brekky with poached eggs and all.


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