Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sundays and Weekly Wah Fung

It's Sunday and I only managed to sleep in till 9:45am (shame!!) Today is my only day off and it will be like that for the next 4 weeks! I have been going to Saturday school for the last two weeks, learning Flash and Actionscript 3 for work. It has certainly been exciting, especially when you start understanding the script and making things move here and pop up there! However due to this taking up most of my whole Saturday, it leaves me to do everything I would do on the weekend for Sunday! Talk about no 'R and R'!

This Sunday in particular should be special as it is Mother's Day, but for me it's pretty ironic. Normally I would be back at home having a family lunch with my Mum and Lola (grandmother) at our favourite Chinese restaurant but BOTH of them are in the Philippines holidaying with the rest my family whom also went! I managed to send my love and gratitude via a text message which was soon replied with an international call from my Mum, though the call somehow cut-off mid conversation. I can't wait to see my sister tomorrow, I get so many calls from my Lolo (grandfather) and aunty checking up on me it feels as if I am only family blood living here in Australia at the moment. When my sister comes over tomorrow it also means indulging in our weekly fix of Wah Fung! Located just up the road next to Redfern station you will find the best BBQ Pork you will ever eat in your life! (Seriously!) Prized for great Pecking Duck and delicious noodles, this little take-away/sit-in diner is certainly a treat to your appetite and Redfern itself. The servings are very generous and the prices are cheap as chips!
I highly recommend to get Wah Funged!

Wah Fung Hong Kong BBQ Restaurant
64 Regent Street, Redfern

My favourite dishes on the menu:
BBQ Pork Chop with rice and ginger and shallots sauce
BBQ Pork Wonton Noodle Soup with special soy sauce on the side


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