Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Double 2 and favourite faces

Wearing: Vintage faux fur coat, dotted stockings, grey thigh high socks, knee high boots, vintage belt and favourite rings and suede & cord charm wrap

My birthday always seems to land on the June long weekend, but this year it didnt! (oh no) So last Saturday, my friends and I went on a night out on the town and headed to Oxford Street. Our first stop was Doctor Pong, a bar located just off Oxford. It was pretty funny because the cafe next to it was called "Hernandez" cafe which in fact is my surname! HA! :D Doctor Pong was nicely laid out, cool graphics/murals on the walls, large American style red party cups and a Ping-Pong table right in the middle. Tunes where great, crowd wasn't pretentious. As the night went on by, we headed to Brighton Hotel (who would of thought), across the road and got down to some serious drinking. Surrounded by a close knit circle of favourite faces and a relaxed atmosphere, I was happy chappy/slightly tipsy birthday girl. The last thing I remember is walking out of the pub, singing Macho Macho Man....!!!! hehe


  1. Perfect!! Really lovely!!

    Cheers, Jesa

  2. Hello there!
    thank you so much for your compliments! :)
    I love your blog! You're totally stylist and fashionable! :D
    I'm really hoping you could be one of my follower. Well, I don't really have many friends here on blogspot :D
    Thanks again! :)

  3. happy belated birthday! seems you had a really good time. love the coat x

  4. your blog is very interesting!!

  5. you are cute and sexy, how is that possible
    following back :)

  6. this is lovely! I really like the combination of those shorts and the thigh high socks! you look gorgeous girl

  7. AWesome pics!

    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!

  8. gorgeous pics!!!
    love the blog :)
    Brick And Bones

  9. you're so gorgeous and have such cool style! i love ur shorts with the tights :))

  10. thanks for visiting me! i was actually inspired by drew barrymore's elle editorial. have fun with your underwater camera, try at nighttime too!

    im now following you :)


  11. woooooooooooow cute pictures and good blog i love it

  12. your so pretty and i love your outfit, especially the tights(: