Thursday, June 03, 2010

The old to new that goes Cuckoo!

When I think about my childhood, a lot of things come to mind - Barbies, swings, marbles, Cabbage Patch dolls, POG. (oh my remember POG?!!!) ..........

But one of the main things that I still remember, was our
old antique cuckoo clock!
Hung in the front room of the house, it was the last and first thing you saw when you left or entered. Ours was very rustic, and I recall the antlers of the deer to be very big. The other day I came across the work of Nathan Skiles. Let me tell you, our cuckoo clock was nothing like his creations. Instead of using traditional Limetree wood, Skiles has used foam rubber, plus other found objects to create his quirky and unique designs. Ranging from double-faced clocks to a Pinocchio-like timepiece, Skiles plays with our imagination whilst also challenging the viewer to look closer and investigate the core issues presented in his work. My favourite is the black and white paisley clock below- the paper fortune teller is so primary school don't you think!? I would love to have a piece like this hanging in my
(future) hallway. Skiles has certainly made his own spin of this historic craftsmanship.

Continuing with the theme of "old to new", I shall share with you a little snippet of the look I put together the other day. Wearing some of my favourite vintage pieces, I created this 'old photograph' inspired graphic on Photoshop. Who knew 'vintage' and clever filtering effects could work!?!!

It reminds me of
"Old Parie"! que pensez-vous ?

Wearing: Bowler/Beanie hat (thritfed), 70s styled blazer (vintage), Levis denim cut-offs (Glebe Markets), scarf (thrifted), Eiffel Tower necklace ('Rent's gift from their trip to Paris)

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  1. You look so awesome!

    Just came across your blog! It is lovely :)