Sunday, June 13, 2010

Store Review: The Red Cross Store, 359 King

If anyone hasn't noticed my big soft spot for vintage fashion, well now you will!

I would like to present to you 359 King, my favourite vintage store to date, run and operated by the Red Cross. Opened in March this year, this one-of-a-kind charity store located on the south end of King Street, is certainly a 'must-visit' in the vibrant cosmopolitan suburb of Newtown. Nestled on a strip renowned for cool retro vintage shops, 359 King is a stand out when it comes to store presentation and most importantly, its reputation of hand-picked high quality vintage finds. To shed more light on the story, here are a few Q&A's I conducted with the friendly Rachael from 359 King.

What is the concept and inspiration behind 359 King?
"Basically the Red Cross wanted to create a high-end boutique store, for people who don't like going to op shops and having to rummage and find what they are looking for. Since vintage is so huge at the moment, the Red Cross saw the opportunity to provide its customers with high quality pieces and at the same time generate more money for the work they do. To have a charity store of this standard, it is more likely for people to come in and shop."

Where does 359 King source its stock from?
"We have a buyer who actually purchases recycled garments and the other half are donations, so its really a mixture of the two. Alot of the clothing is from the UK and if not from here in Australia. We get many donations, but there is a criteria we have to assess with each garment before we can sell it in the store."

Who is 359 King's target audience?
"Our customers are usually aged between 16 to early 40s. We have many customers in their early 20s who come in and basically anyone who loves a bargain and appreciates all things vintage."

I hope this answers all those curious thoughts! I would also like to say a big thank you to Rachael! xx

Their stock changes frequently, so coming across a lovely surprise is likely on the cards. Here are a few snap shots I've taken - the merchandising is tastefully done and executed right to the tee! The old WWI and WWII Red Cross posters are classic and really tie in the whole atmosphere of the store.

How cool is the antique cash register!

Everyone likes neat vintage!

Cute chandelier lighting and retro decor!

The Parisian-styled chaise lounge is such a visual treat!

One of the many tasteful arrangements positioned around the store.

So be sure to check out 359 King! Your eyes will be happy and so as your wallet! Plus they normally have sales on top of their already cheap prices. ALL proceeds go directly to the work of the Red Cross. (so ask yourself, when was the last time you gave to charity?) ;)

Newtown Red Cross Shop
359 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
p: (02) 9517 9209


  1. Pretty cool. I will definitely visit it with you. :)

  2. aaahhh.. now that's a vintage store i'd love to visit! :D

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  3. What a great store! Bought an awesome cardigan :P Great range of clothes with a great cause