Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Winter(Summer) Creepin'

I have always wanted a hat like this! And the other day at Glebe Markets, Andrew bought me one! (naww :P) Does anyone know the proper name for this furry/cross-trucker/old eastern europe/i-killed-a-fox-and-now-it-covers-my-ears hat? I tried to google it, but the only name that was consistent amongst my search results was 'trooper'. (is that all?....I was expecting something more foreign sounding, ....anyone?)

I'm hoping the weather ONLY gets cold enough to wear this headwarmer, and by the looks of it - I think it's getting there indeed. Boo you winter! Looking out of my window this morning, there is fog - BIGGER boo! I want summer, I want heat and most of all I want Fiji again!! The weather during my holiday there was simply magnificent! I shall post photos soon, in an attempt to stop my daydreaming and hopefully quicken the return of another hot summer. (I'm afraid I can't summon humid sticky afternoons like the Greek God of Summer Ourania, but I will try!)

I picked up this ring from my favourite vintage store, 359 King and haven't taken it off since! The stone/gem centre changes colour depending on the lightning. I can't help but smile when I gaze at it, I have no idea what the exact material it is but the colours remind me of sunsets which is probably my second love. See how summer manages to creep into my sentences again...?!? hehe

My new sunset ring!

My new 'trooper' hat from Glebe Markets

Sunrise, not sunset - can you believe it?!

Glebe Markets Turkish Gozleme and Home-made Lemonade (YUM YUM)

Vibrant coloured foilage

Sporting the side plait and vintage floral jumper


  1. ..oooh , you look so cute with that hat ...And in russian it called 'USHANKA' : ) I am originaly from europe where is minus 30 in winters so oooh yes : ) it's very good in such conditions : ) in my Latvian language it called ' Ausene ' .. but the meaning is all the same - keep your ears warm ..there is a lot of different styles but the one thing is - those hats are incredibly stylish and still worn after 100 of years ..

    Have a great day and I really want to Fiji , it seems like heaven : )

    Ellinelle xxx

  2. ohhh my god i love that rinG!!!!!! its magic!
    how much and were there more? i want!

    oh how i love glebe markets. Such a lovely happy place. And always get yummy Gozlemes YUM


  3. I love those hats! And the side plait looks gorgeous, my hair isn't quite long enough to pull it off!


  4. I love your had. Great bog and I'm follow you now... and I hope, you will follow me, too?

    LOVE, minnja

  5. I've got jumper envy, with this post and your last one! x

  6. i love that first photo!
    gorgeous ring + sunrise :)

  7. amazing photos!!


  8. Really beautiful photo's! Espacially the first one, very creative!

  9. river nguyenJune 28, 2010

    cool hat. cool blog. my sister owns a stall at glebe markets selling vintage surprises! =)

  10. really love you style...and great pictures!!..the first two pictures are great!:)
    really love your blog, a new follower!
    hope you visit, comment and maybe follow..if you like what you see!!keep posting!