Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Down by the lake...

"Well I was the one who showed you the sky
But you brought it down, down to my thighs
Sadly believed every word I didn't mean
About loving darkness"

"I awoke in a violent dream one day
Saw my shadow slip away
The steep and incandescent figure walked right through the parlour
And all the smoking ladies whispered Hey! Where do you think you're going?"

"Oh, love, is that a vulture? Tell me it’s a vulture standing beside you
and do you see your own face in his eyes?
Do you see him like I do?"

"Oh, the dust is falling heavy out on the hills
My portrait is my window sill
We'd kiss but we are made of clay
You loved me most when love was young
Now even the setting sun we dance beneath is made of clay"

Photos by Chloe Higgins and myself. Mix lyrics by The Jezabels.
Wearing: Mum's old mohair sweater, black velvet leggings, Chuck Taylors, assorted accessories.

I've been here before. A while ago. Maybe more than 2 years back. Though only a short drive from my house, you somehow forget how peaceful a place can be. My friend Chloe and I went down there again - we both had different memories of the lake though there was one particular spot that shared both of our past memories. You know that feeling of Deja vu? It's a weird feeling isn't it?

Chloe and I basically spent the whole day together, and it was nice. Not only because we haven't hung out properly in a long time but because she will be away for 2 months overseas - Thailand and India. Check out her blog here She is a wonderful writer and I assure you, you will feel like you are right next to her in each and every word she has to share. Looking forward to seeing her and hearing all her interesting stories in the flesh, which I'm sure she will have many. I still remember the first day we met. It was the first day of Year 7. She walked into the classroom, hair slicked back with glitter gel, sat down in the seat next to me due to alphabetical order and confidently introduced herself "Hi, I'm Chloe Higgins".

Enjoy your journey Chlozza. See you when you get back! xoxo


  1. Lovely shots hun. xx

  2. wow these pictures are lovely, beautiful nature :) Love the 7th photo :D

  3. Beautiful photos, I just love the one with the out of focus swan :)

  4. Wow- the velvet leggings look so great! We would never have throught to put them with Converse but somehow they work??!!!!
    Greetings from Ireland
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  5. these pictures are just so beautiful! the light is perfect! i love your sweater too

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  6. Lovely post! I like the lake pictures (so peaceful!) interposed with the lyrics.

  7. ..oh my God Darling ..YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL ..honestly , you have that look , you know , the supermodel .. the pictures , and your sneakers really rocks ..and that swan picture is so mysterious those pictures - real art ..

    have a great day sweetie : )

  8. wow! you're gorgeous! thanks for stopping by xo!

  9. holy shit are those velvet leggings/pants?

  10. These photos are so peaceful. Takes my breath away! And I love how you paired this outfit with cool and laid back.

    I'm following you now as well, pretty lady!

    xx Lauren

  11. beautiful pictures! it is so tranquil i love places like that. great velvet leggings too :}

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  12. I love your outfit and your photos are beautiful! I love the 6th photo down it's perfect. Love your blog!

  13. This lake photos are AMAZING. Yes, following.

  14. These pictures are so beautiful! As are those awesome velvet leggings, I need a pair like that!

  15. wow these are soo great!! and peacefulL!


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  16. Hey darlin, really nice post, it has such a peaceful and reflective feel to it.
    Dig your outfit too, I love it when you can wear a cute as outfit but its comfortable as well, bonus! You are a real stunner.
    I will check out your friends blog too.
    I'm your new follower, great to meet your blog, I love it!

  17. These photos are lovely. The scenery looks idyllic :)

  18. Very cute blog, you're beautiful! Following you back xo

  19. love your converse. this place looks divine!


  20. Amazing pictures, and you're really pretty:)

  21. I'm in love with that sweater, and the look is amazing!...amazing pictures aswell!!
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  22. Hey! Thanks, really nice comment, you seem like a real sweetheart. I thought I was already following you ? but just checked and I missed ya! Hehe whoops now following!! Looking forward to your next post and hope your weekend is of GREATNESS! x

  23. gorgeous!x love these photos :)

  24. beautiful photos!!!


  25. lovin the outfit!