Saturday, July 31, 2010

The End of an Era.

Empty. Bare. Cleared. Vacant. The end of an era.

You may have noticed that I haven't posted in ages and probably thought where on earth did Your Only Blackswan go? Well a lot has been happening since my last post - big projects at work (eg. newspaper ads, creative for sales), important family events (my dear sister's 21st birthday and grandpa's 80th), the usual errands/grocery shopping and as of recent a full week of packing. That's right, I have moved out of my apartment and am finally back home!!! The Blackswan has returned to the nest! Yippee!

It has been just about a year that I've lived on my own (of course with flatmates), and it has certainly taught me many lessons, experiences and allowed for quite a few pleasures like:

- being able to sleep in and leave the house at 8:40 the latest to catch the bus to work
- knowing if I were to work back there wouldn't be an bus/train/bus commute home
- not being nagged by the 'rents to clean your room or wash up the dishes
- getting anywhere in the city is possible with a trusty Travel 10
- being so close to Newtown and Glebe Markets, but most of all to Andrew
- not having to worry about getting home from the city on a Saturday night
- sleeping in on the weekend and not being waken up by Dad vacuuming
- the convenience of a Thai Restaurant directly below the apartment when you couldn't be bothered to cook
- Wah Fung BBQ Pork
- pleasant Sunday morning breakfasts on the balcony during summer
- the apartment pool in the summer heat
- and having a place to call my own and my home

Though I definitely won't miss:

- the loud traffic noise of Botany Rd
- being asked "Got any spare change love?" on the way to the supermarket
- trying to catch a taxi from Broadway with arms heavy of grocery bags
- and the butt-aching 3 flights of stairs to the apartment!

I am now looking forward to getting back into a new routine, new sleeping pattern and saving, saving, saving!! - but also MORE blog posts and outings with my friends. I still have a lot of unpacking and spring cleaning to do, (my old bedroom is unrecognisable with the new face-lift it just got!) so I must be off! Until then, Your Only Blackswan x.

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end". - Seneca

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  1. ..hey sweetie ..hope you are ok and all the celebrations been wonderful for you and your family : )))
    ..I only get back yesterday , and from 35 degrees I am in 16 degrees , so depressing ..but I had a lovely holiday and most important I was with my family ..oooh , miss them all already ..

    ..I am looking forward to your posts as you are so stylish and cute and your photography is so unique and beautiful..

    Ellinelle xxx