Monday, August 02, 2010

Just close your eyes and throw it away

"Just close your eyes and throw it away" - Dad.

In conjunction with my return home, and the replacement of my old bedroom furniture with my new "Soho" Fantastic Furniture bedroom package that I bought last year when I moved out - the whole idea of spring cleaning certainly became the top of my family's agenda this weekend.

When I was living away, my bedroom literally took on the role of a storage room - Dad's suits were hung in my wardrobe, Mum's treadmill next to my desk, a quarter of our forever-growing DVD collection stored on my bookshelves. Oh, and my cat Chelsea decided my bed would be her's each night of the week. (there's one 'Plus' I forgot - the inexistence of annoying cat hair back at my apartment!)

Lucky we had two, good solid days to spring clean. I tackled my bedroom, Mum tackled the carport and Dad bravely took on the garage. Even my brother made an attempt on his room and still is in the process! We didn't realise how much 'crap' was taking up valuable space. Though when I came across my old jewellery box, and the wound-up lullaby music immediately quietened everyone as I lifted the lid - a great sense of nostalgia overcame me. Cliched? Yes. Re-living 6 seconds of my childhood? Why thank you.

Dad got excited when he showed me a box full of old books that he read when he came to Australia. He said firmly "You must read Robert Ludlum", as he swiped away the dust from The Matarese Circle. But beneath all the thick paperbacks, there was quite a collection of old romance 'sweep-me-off-my-feet and I'm yours' type of books which I've always wanted to get my hands on. See, I'll be doing the cityrail-then-sydneybus commute to work now, so these novels will make as entertaining time-fillers. (And yes, for a moment I did question if my Dad read those books. I was about to ask, but I just kept quiet and was content with what I found hehe)

The most interesting book amongst the pile was Aussie English by John O'Grady - 'an explanation of the Australian idiom'. The book cover caught my eye first, and as I was flicking through the pages and illustrations, I smirked at my father. Yes, my parents were immigrants, but if you really want to understand the Aussie language and get a grasp on the Aussie slang, than hell, this is the book to get! And my 'rents did just that! Good on ya' mate!

An excerpt:
"Bloody" - Known as the 'Great Australian Adjective'. You will hear it used frequently, and in peculiar ways.... eg. "ehh where yer bloody been, yer drongo? 'Aven't seen yer fer a week?..... Was Tumba-bloody-rumba shootin' kanga-bloody-roos" - HA! that's gold!

As the piles of 'What To Keep' and 'What To Throw Out' somehow became distinguishable, there was 4 suitcases full of clothes that had to be sorted - Mum and I called dibs on them and boy 'oh boy what did we find! Mum's old clothes from the 80s, iconic t-shirts from main cities throughout Europe, chunky knits and high-waisted denim jeans/shorts. Not too mention a few fur collar trims! Already, so many potential outfits were lighting up in my head. Here are ones I managed to put together before my Mum started nagging:

Blue retro hooded tee. Thinking of cutting off the sleeves and widening the neckline for Parklife. Who else is going? Bleached denim high-waisted shorts. So excited when they fit! Woolen multi-weaved vest with iconic Holland, Amsterdam tee and acid wash shorts.

Retro 70s collared striped tee and grey midriff knitted hoodie sweat. (love)

Multi-coloured chunky knit grandpa cardigan with iconic London tee. (those little soldiers are so cute with their big black fur helmets!)

My favourite so far! - linen striped shirt with embroidery detail with iconic Luzen, Switzerland tee and bleached denim shorts once again! Recovered this straw hat with flowers, so darling for spring/summer.

Looking forward to playing around with these new vintage family finds! I have 2 massive garbage bags full and they're going straight to the washing machine. Loving the cats tee below and baby pink sweater also!

It's definitely good to be back.

x Your Only Blackswan.


  1. I love love love love every single thing here. I adore the cardigan the most!
    You should make your own online shop. That would be interesting.

    XXXO- Tania

  2. i am so jealous

    refering to the vintage finds AND the 'aussie' book


  3. omg, all the outfits are so GREAT!!!

  4. hey! thanks for leaving a comment! those white shorts are perfect! i neeeeeed!
    now following =)


  5. These vintage finds are stunning~!!!i wan't all of those jeans!!!

    thanks for your message btw =)


  6. Wow what a productive lot you are, feels so good cleaning out your house! I have to say that er bloody book yer got yer bloody mits on is hilarious!!!! You musta been cracking up! That's GOLD alright.
    Adore your family vintage finds. That stripy shirt is adorable and I love that bright coloured hooded tee too. Have an awesome time at Parklife!

  7. ohh really do you work at Guess? AMAZING that's great

  8. @ johanna - yes I did! for two years... not anymore though, was just a part time job during uni.

  9. those outfits are so amazing! i love them

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  10. oh wow! im not sure if my mum even kept anythng from the 80s, id love to discover an old box of stuff hidden away somewhere.. i love the travel-souvenir tshirts, especially london, hehe.
    thanks for your comment, nice to meet you! :)