Sunday, August 08, 2010

My eBay win!

For a while I've been wanting a pair of brown grunge boots to alternate between my black ones - new or vintage, whatever looked best.

Stopping at every shoe store I walked by, I kept my eye out for the 'RIGHT' pair.

Managing to keep my distance from the ROC Territorys worn by every second girl on the street, I refrained from paying the recommended retail price of $149.95.

If I happened to pass by an opshop or vintage store, I headed straight to the footwear section and was always greeted by sandals and oversized mens brogues.

Originally knowing that I'll have more of chance online, the daily search on eBay began.

Typing in all the right key words, I was umm-ing and ahhh-ring, making sure the filter was on for Australian listings only to avoid international shipping fees.

After placing a couple of pairs under 'watching', I then came across these leather babies!

When it came down to crunch time I was sweetly informed "You are currently the high bidder". My eyes lit up with anticipation.

The 10 second countdown approached fast, and I was already on the edge of my seat counting aloud. 3, 2, 1, 0. Times up.

Winning bid $36 - "Congratulations, the item is yours!"


BARGAIN!! (reckon) :P

Can't wait to get them in the mail and wear these guys in!
Best eBay win so far? Dam straight!! :D

Going off the topic, here are a few photos from my dear sister's 21st Birthday. It was a wonderful night! Kassy looked stunning and I'd finally got too show everyone her 21st Birthday slideshow I was working hard on. She loved it! I used iMovie to produce it, so now it's on a DVD for her to keep and watch at any time. As usual, there was a line-up of speeches - mine was one of them - and lets just say, I was already crying before the first sentence! So many emotions I couldn't keep it all in. Overall, I'm sure it was a special night for her as my 21st was for me. Love you sissy.

My sister Kassy and I.

Kassy wears: Sparkly off-the-shoulder dress (Modestie), flesh heels (Siren), bangle (Fringe Bar markets), assorted accessories.
I wear: light pink champagne dress, with embellished waist line (Valley Girl, yes really!), flesh cut out patent heels (Peeptoe), assorted accessories.

My family.

Andy and I.

Cutting of the cake.

x Your Only Blackswan


  1. I love it when I know I won something, and I just anticipate its' arrival to my house and just yes!
    And those are really beautiful photos, those dresses!

  2. Beautiful pics. Like your blog. Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?

  3. ooow, you both looks so beautiful!! Ö and your now header is amazing ^_^

  4. ebay is the best. love it

  5. I Love these shoes!! love the colour and esp the square toe!! :) x

  6. love them, such a steal! i have some similar in black but i think it like the brown better ;)

  7. Your dress for the 21st is gorgeous! Those boots are pretty fantastic too.

  8. great buy with the shoes!
    lucky no one sniped, i hate when that happens :(

  9. both you and your sisters are gorgeous

    i love the nude heels you are wearing in the photos