Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sheer and Toko

Wearing: black sheer shirt (mum's wardrobe), snake print skirt (Cotton On), belt (vintage), dotted tights (Kmart), swan pendant necklace, yes a SWAN! (gift, Swarovski), assorted accessories.

Went to a fabulous birthday dinner at Japanese restaurant, Toko on Crown Street Surry Hills. Soft lit table lamps, low seated dining, slinky interiors - the place was amazing! but MORE amazing was the fooooddd! ooooooo's and aaahhhhh's welcomed each dish to the table and the grinning/nodding of satisfaction was frequent as each tantalizing flavour met our taste buds throughout the night. It was also the first time I drunk Sake, and I was surprised of how smooth it was - a bit like a mellowed straight vodka. Each fish dish was served on slabs of ice and the presentation was or if not better than MasterChef expectation. With Japanese cuisine being near the bottom of my 'Top 10 Favourite Foods' list, Toko certainly swayed it's place up to number 6. However for all you Japanese food lovers, I'm confident it would surely be your new number 1.

Must visit:
Toko Restaurant and Bar
490 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW

oooo sake sake!

I'll have you, and you and you...!!

how amazing is this?!!

satisfied Andy and I

Also visited Parramatta Westfields and my oh my, it has been ages (over a year and 2 months) since I've walked in! I used to live there when I was working at GUESS? and now I needed my friend to guide me as I 'lost my way' through the centre.

Bought these sand Osbourne boots from Rubi, super comfy and most likely will take on the role as my romper-stompers for Parklife! (oh I can't wait!)

Then I was lusting over these darling brogues in Sportsgirl - tell me, how sweet are they!?! Crochet lace and cream leather rolled into one - pure genuis! and oh so appropriate for spring! Must make a return visit when funds are high again :(

Hope you had a pleasant weekend! Blahh it's Monday.

x Your Only Blackswan


  1. I love the black sheer shirt, I have a similar one and I love wearing it! That sushi looks so yummy and those shoes are both fabulous.

    Sincerely, Sarah Margeurite

  2. the boots are perfect and that sheer top is to die for.

    Great blog


  3. in love with sheer stuff~!!love your shirt =)

    and those sushi~~~ouch!!!i want them,lol


  4. love your sheer+your lip color looks really good on you.xx

  5. look stunning , honestly , you are so beautiful , you should be model ..'s morning here and all them food pictures made me so hungry , I love Japanese food ..
    ..those boots are gorgeous , I wan't something similar but in leather because of wet weather ..
    awww sweetie , your outfit is super cute the blouse - so chic ..

    ..and thank you so much for your advice , I already checked in the shop for photoshop - really wanna learn to do those collages ..

    ..have a great day
    Ellinelle xxx

  6. Love your outfit and the beige boots!

  7. i love ur sheer blouse!! :DD


  8. Love the shoe look fantastic!!

  9. Thanks for your comment.

    Great outfit and all the food looks so yummy!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful birthday dinner. The food looks scrumptious! Great outfit.

  11. that is one stunning outfit!

    and good food to top it up too :)

  12. Really like the black sheer shirt-very pretty!

  13. love those pics!
    really nice blog
    take also a look at mine and maybe we can become blogfriends :) ?

  14. Love the sheer shirt over the snake print skirt - unique.


  15. really like that sheer top and the food looks amazing!
    I LOVE Japanese food! Probably my favourite.

    I havn't gotten my issue of frankie yet so no haha
    I just got 'peachy keen jelly bean' from grease.


  16. great outfit!!!


  17. greaat photo's ^_^ I love your outfit, and the restaurant looks sooo cool O.O
    And delicious too XD
    Wonderfull pictures! <3

  18. your post seriously made me get up and go get sushi.

    and it was terrible because its 9.30pm and only the Mobil had it grrr

    love the post