Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TNA and frankie panky

LOVING TNA's Fall 10 collection! I'm aware that spring is right around the corner, but I would wish for one more week of winter or autumn just to wear these insane knits!!... or at least oogle at them! The model is gorgeous and the styling is perfect!! Don't normally partake in posting up a bunch of inspiration images that aren't mine, but in this case, I had to share!

See more here! ------> this is HERE <--------

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frankie - issue 37
What I got in the mail and made my train ride to work oh so enjoyable, I chuckled out loud. Yes, not giggled, but chuckled. Sorry to the old man sitting next to me, but this 22 year old is easily amused by pretty, sarcastic canny little things. Do you like my patchwork quilt? I made it myself! An unforeseen but very suitable backdrop for frankie magazine in general don't you think?! ;)

For those who haven't got their hands on the latest frankie issue, here's a little sneak peak!

Mumma said to eat everything on your plate... who knew otherwise!

Check it! - a chipmunk necklace that allows you to stash your keys and some spare change around your neck! I'm surprised the writer forgot to add nuts! :P

Samantha Harris - divine!

ooooo round pearl buttons! hoot hoot!

I found this poster quite peculiar. But in
'good' peculiar. I tell Andrew he is a polar bear - maybe I should rock up to the next costume party wearing this and he can go as the polar bear for Bundaberg Rum! ..... or maybe not.

one day I'll make you! ... and have you all to myself! :P

I thought this was funny at the time! Here is frankie's specially made patchwork quilt! - and then there's MY patchwork quilt! hello kitty.......? ahaaaa! (excuse me, I can be a tad lame!)

Get your copy now and enjoy!

Happy mid-week!!

x Your Only Blackswan


  1. The collection looks interesting, I'm so into sweaters right now, they're just so comfy and stylish at the same time!

    Oh, the olde man... Lovely mag, I didn't knew it!


  2. LOVE sweaters..these look nice and comfy too:)

  3. Stunning, thanks for sharing !



  4. Oh YAY its my favourite model, Rachel Ballinger up there!!! She's the best! x

  5. I'm not usually a fan of TNA but I LOVE these patterns!

    Sincerely, Sarah Margeurite

  6. Wow I love TNA thanks for sharing!!! I'm new to your blog :) it's very cute!!

  7. Love this post and love your blog!
    You where right about LOVING TNA's Fall 10 collection it looks gorgeous!


  8. The knits are so cute!! Wonderful collection. <3


  9. thanks for your kind, sweet comments!
    it made me smile :) your blog is so lovely too!
    i cant wait to get the next frankie, it looks dreaaamy.

  10. love your blog.
    visit my blog and let me know what you think, follow if you like :)

  11. It's my first time on your blog but I really love it! These sweaters are great!

  12. argh! i really want to snuggle up in a jumper after seeing these photos, but it's too warm!


  13. these pictures are wonderful.

    i love your blog! following you now.


    let me know if you want to trade links

  14. That first photo is so sweet! I haven't had the time to flick through Frankie yet. Am looking forward to a loooong breakfast tomorrow, with numerous cups of tea and Frankie to keep me company. Bliss!

  15. I love these pictures... thanks for sharing.
    I also love Frankie ;D

  16. ..awww , that patcwork quilt is so cute , most important you made it and it's only one like that in the whole world - exclusive ..
    ..those jumpers are really nice , I love the 3rd white one - so beautiful knitted details ..

    ..have a great day sweetie ..
    Ellinelle xxx

  17. FRANKIE!
    its my favourite magazine ever! :)
    it has a variety of literature, fashion, and interesting topics! :) ahhhhh

    big bloody LOVE.

    - casper is classy.

  18. this collection is sooo adorable and comfy looking! ehehe first two pics, she's so happy and cheeky!