Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crystal Awaken

I'm sure people are getting the hint that I have a serious thing for crystals lately... But who doesn't right? With no two being a like, each crystal or gemstone is literally one of a kind. This is my natural raw clear quartz pendant and it's been attached to my neck all week. Clear quartz is known as an energy amplifier and a "potentiator" for other stones. Basically it will amplify all things concerning energy like healing, balancing, protection - to sum it up, it's your all-round kinda stone! To be honest, the first time I wore it I felt extra good and everything around me seemed to be going perfect - or perhaps it was just a really good night and I was very excited to wear it!???? Who knows! I love how it can go with anything and the way it catches the sun.

I can't believe the weather lately! Seems to be having a mind of it's own. Can't wait to finally soak up some rays, I'm looking pretty pastey. Yes really! Well for my complexion anyway.

Wearing: black velvet vest (vintage), tartan skirt (vintage), grey/white socks (eBay), platform heels (Aldo), shell purse (mum's), raw clear quartz pendant, assorted accessories.

As for the record, this will be my last week having a metal free mouth! On Monday I will be getting my braces on! Ahhhhhhhh!! *EYES WIDEN* gulp! The orthodontist said I will be only be needing them for the bottom, which is a relief because you won't be able to see them when I smile - HOWEVER, I can see my bottom lip going from Angelina Jolie to Jay-Z!! haha *gulps again*. He said I will need them on for 12-15 months. I've learned to accept that, though it's already got me thinking of what foods I will have to avoid from eating and what colour inserts I should get..... I was thinking lilac or baby pink! (I feel like this should be a topic for a 13 year old. Ahhh ya yiiii) People have told me I will be using a new kind of toothbrush???.... oh no.

For those who are new to my blog, here is a little notice that my CRYSTALISED GIVEAWAY IS STILL OPEN. This is the LAST WEEK to get in your entries = see details below.

Let's hope the rest of the week flies by. I will be going on a fantastic roadtrip down south on the weekend and can't wait to let my hair down again.

ps. I just got my U2/Jay-Z tickets in the mail.... ohhhhh yesssss!! and it's only two more weekends till Park Life! M-to-the-I to-the-S to-the-SY = Missy Elliot babyyy! :D Must prepare!!

x Your Only Blackswan


  1. I saw U2 when they were last in Aus, with Kanye West, they were ahhhmazing!

  2. omg your heels have me in a daze !


  3. Great necklace and love the skirt! x

  4. Love your outfit so much, you look amazing. Didn't know you are only 13 years old, you look so much older!

  5. hi Hanna,

    Your so sweet! i think you may have misread.. im not 13, just felt that age... im 22 years old :)

  6. First photo rocks!!!
    Your mom's shell purse is so cute!

  7. oh haha, thank you, yes I think I totally mis understood it haha!
    I was so suprised already, but now I understand!


  8. i love the vest n shoes :))

    anyway,, dun worry about wearing braces,, :) u can still eat anything u wan ,, though at first it might hurt ur teeths for a few days,, n yess! i was always excited when changing the color of braces,, they even got the glow in the dark one,, lol!


  9. lovely combination!

  10. that first pic is absolutely amazing!
    otherwise succhh a cute outfit :)
    love the plaid
    love the layering of the socks? if thats what you did? whatever you did, it worked!!

  11. you look amazing!

    my favorite piece of the outfit is the clutch.

    i made a blog button for you and added it to my sidebar :D

    come see!

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  12. That first image is SO pretty.

    Love Grace.

  13. Very cute waistcoat and necklace!!xxxx

  14. That first and last shot of you are stunning you pretty lady!
    I must invest in a crystal I think...

  15. i've been to liverpool a couple of times but yeah, maybe it is just one of those faces haha
    ooh a road trip sounds like good fun, hope you have a great time
    i'll hopefully be going on one next year, fingers crossed

  16. You have a very nice blog pretty! I'll like you to have a look at mine and follow me if you like it!
    take care, xxx

  17. Hi gorgeous...I really dig your outfit here, the socks are awesome and thats a great shot of your accessories!
    Am I too late for the giveaway??
    I am a follower and my email is

    Good luck with the braces honey! x

  18. i agree, crystals are beautiful. I just got a little bag full at the beach. I keep them by my bed and one in my pocket because i feel as if they have some sort of "good energy" like power.

    love your blog

  19. Lovely blog! I love crystals :-)
    Oh and I am now following.

    Maybe check out mine sometime.

  20. love the outfit, especially the socks with heels! and the necklace is gorgeous, i want one exactly like that.

  21. the necklace is so beautiful!!!! For some reason it has a hippie vibe to me.


  22. gorgeous heels + socks! you're lovely <3

  23. your combination is quite good!and i can say that the handbag is a dream!kisses