Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Jezabels LIVE

Friday night was the 10th birthday of Sydney University's Manning Bar. That was my first time at the bar, and if my uni had anything like it, I would certainly be frequenting it every week or so. My sister who attends the uni got tickets for me and my friends at student price - a whopping $5. The best $5 I've spent in a long time! - the line up for the night included Guineafowl, Richard In Your Mind, The Jezabels (oh yes!!!) and Cloud Control.

[all photos by me]

Guineafowl / First on stage, these guys definitely set the mood for the night. Happy Happy 10th Birthday!

Richard In Your Mind / Crazy kooky sounds meet Led Zeppelin and Scottish folk music. And performing bare feet.

The Jezabels / I managed to meet Nik the drummer before the show and say a quick hello to Hayley who tore the roof down with her compelling voice. We were right up front against the stage and I couldn't of been happier. Hurt Me was amazing and all songs sounded just like the cd but BETTER! Crazy fan I am, I think I fell in love the second time with their music. Stellar performance I must say so myself!

Nik the drummer is surprisingly Californian. I always find myself dissecting the drum beats and rhythms in songs. And when no one is looking, I play the 'air drums' with my imaginary sticks.(no serious!) Stupid me I forgot to bring my cd to get it signed, so the only thing I had on me worth signing was my diary. What the heck, I asked him to sign it! haha He even said "maybe I can get the set list for you later on after the show". I didn't think anything of it.

(and yep, you read correctly! I also secured tickets for U2 and Jay-Z in December! yeoww)

After the show, people from the audience were yelling out, asking the band members to give them something from the stage as a souvenir - confetti, a water bottle, drum sticks??? anything?!! Nik came back out and to my surprise yet again, he actually gave me their own personal set list. YES PLEASEE!! The guy next to me still persisted to get something for his own, so what did Nik do??? He tore the sheet of paper in half, but lucky me I got the half with "Hurt Me" on it! Score!!! I was over the moon! :D

I also bought a band T-shirt as another keepsake from the night.
Cool print? Tick.

Great fit? Tick again!

A happy chappy on the way home? Why of course!

Love you Jezabels!

x Your Only Blackswan

ps. Their new EP will be released in October. Can't wait!


  1. looks like a great concert:)))


  2. great pics!!!


  3. Good for you...looks like you had a fab time...and a diary is a lasting memory to have had signed:) I think its perfect!

  4. looks like a shitton of fun!!

  5. Lovely post and the pics are great!

  6. Oh my God. You have no idea how jealous I am right now.

  7. Jealous! Looks like such a good night!

  8. I love that american apparel shirt !
    p.s. did you hear that they might be going bankrupt? eek !


  9. can't believe you only paid $5, that's ridic good. especially to see cloud control, i love them! x

  10. ..I will definitely chech the band on you tube ..awww , I'm glad you had a wonderful time ...and 5 $ ..oh my ..that is wonderful , who said that happiness is in money , right ..sometimes there is memories and time what is worthless ..I believe in that ..
    ..I can imagine your feelings about the concert , I almost gone crazy in Lenny Kravitz concert few years ago ..just ' fly away ' for 2 hours : ))

    ..oh yes , I have daughter Isabella and she is 3.6 years old ..thanks for compliments : ))) but I can tell you - it's a hard work : ) designs coming soon , I have them finished , just waiting for photoshoot ..
    ..have a nice day : )