Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Last Day

Today is my last day having a metal-free mouth. Tomorrow I will be getting my braces on. In the past of couple of days, I've been having mixed feelings and suffering from a little bit of anxiety. (Wouldn't necessarily say 'suffering' but you get the idea) People have been saying it will hurt a lot and every time I look in the mirror and fidget at my teeth.... I can't help but whine then ask "will I look like a nerd?!!!" I fret at their answers and then look back again at my reflection and force myself to imagine myself as 'chic geek' instead.... to be honest, it's quite difficult to do so. I mean, my mouth will never feel the same for over a year! Do people discriminate against braces? I AM 22. Not a 13 year old. A young adult with braces??... do they even exist?!!!

Okay, I think I should stop now and enjoy Dad's steak he's cooked for dinner. For as tomorrow, I will be carrying a toothpick and a small pocket mirror with me
everywhere I go - an awkward green or black thing stuck in my teeth will not only be my post-meal dilemma anymore. There will be a new form of trackwork in my life, one that does not involve delayed Cityrail timetables.

Anywho, this is probably one of my last blog posts of me sans braces. My cat Chelsea is such a lostie hehe

Wearing: black and white knit jumper (vintage $4!!!), levi cut-offs (Glebe Markets), dotted tights (Kmart), Chucks (Converse), belt (vintage) and assorted accessories.

Needed to stock up on some essentials. More tights, yummy rocky road and new dove sunnies. Already downloaded the Jezabels and the XX, but I merely wanted the album cover artworks and something legit by the XX - they're just too good.

Hope all goes well tomorrow! Oh my.

x Your Only Blackswan


  1. reaallly cute laid back outfit :)
    eheheh dw, my aunt got braces when she was in her mid30s! it was so adorable! made her look even younngger than she already was!
    it won't be too long till they come off again anyway :p

  2. u will be finE! :)

    anywayy,, loving ur sweater!


  3. Loooove it :))))

  4. naww I feel for you about the braces, I had them when I was younger. They won't hurt for long don't worry :) and just think of how lovely the results will be when they're off!

    And I love the sunnies, very cute :)


  5. That's a great knit.
    About braces... you know what?
    It turns out, here in Bangkok, girls with braces are considered hot!!! seriously!!!

  6. You look great sweetie!!! Love your sweater....:)

    Good luck will be AOK:)

    Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  7. Love the jumper and denim shorts...beautiful outfit!

    And cute cat :)

  8. LOVE this outfit, especially the jumper, it's awesome! And I guess you will be alright, it's not fun to get braces but eventually you get better of it, good luck tomorrow!

  9. Love the outfit! Esp the chunky sweater...can't wait until Autumn weather.

    It does hurt, especially when eating. Which sucks, cause I love eating!
    Just be sure to have some Tylenol at hand (or w/e they have in Australia). You'll get used to it :D until tightening...then 2 more days of hell. JK! You'llbe fine. :)

  10. Really nice jumper! Awww to the little cat too, she is very sweet :)
    Wishing you all the best of luck for tomorrow!!!

  11. look fantastic , like ALWAYS ..I like your denim shorts , looks like they are made just for you ..
    ..awwww..sweetie , you will be ok tomorrow ..I actually think that a a lot of adults have braces , even celebrities will be all right, don't be scared , you are so beautiful nobody will notice them ..
    ..hugs ..
    Ellinelle xxx

  12. coool jumper, i love how the frays of your cut offs are so long! xx

  13. fabulous outfit love the jumper!! :) x

  14. Love your outfit ! & aww, you may be 22, but I've seen people in their 50s with braces (my aunt and uncle, for example) ! Just take care of them, and hopefully you won't need to have them on for too long !

  15. Love thecombo of the tights and sweater!

    Love Grace.

  16. i really love your outfit!

    peace x

  17. beautiful jumper.

    and don't worry. everything will work out perfectly with the braces.

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  18. I like the white Chucks!

  19. Wonderful blog and outfit! :-)
    Im now following!


  20. Your blog is beautiful and your pictures gorgeous! I now follow your blog. I hope you like Travelling

  21. great outfit :---) !!

  22. aww you'll be alright :)
    great outfit btw
    and your cat is the cutest

  23. seriously in love with this outfit. and those denim shorts are like whoa.



  24. Can't believe that jumper is gorgeous AND a bargain!!!

  25. I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT!!! The sweater is ABSOLUTELY perfect :) Love it!!!

    feel free to check out my blog:

  26. SUCH a cute outfit. Love how you wore the jumper with those awesome shorts + the ripped tights. The belt is a nice touch, too! :)
    Hooray for the xx! They are ah-mazing.

    <3 Alyssa

  27. omg!
    - squeals-
    your blog is amazing :)
    just joined this blogging thing. who takes the photos for you??
    p.s. love the shoes (not just cuz im bias and have a pair haha)

    xxx Cole

  28. realy nice outit& i love your cat, such a cutie!