Sunday, September 26, 2010

ROADTRIP | Part Two - Nan Tien Temple

Part Two of our roadtrip down to Wollongong.

Next stop, the Nan Tien Temple.

We heard good things about this Buddhist temple so my friends and I decided to go visit and check it out. As soon as we got out of the car, you could instantly feel the relaxed atmosphere and tranquility of the place. All the gardens were well taken care of and I couldn't help but notice the smiles on other people's faces. It seemed like everyone was in a "feel good" mood. I remember visiting a local Buddhist temple for an assessment back in uni, and the same positiveness energy I came across then, was certainly felt this time round.

These cute little Buddha statuettes were positioned throughout the grounds of the temple. Each of them in funny poses! Aren't they the cutest!! :)

Nan Tien's Pagoda is a resting place for the cremated ashes of devotees and their relatives; it can accommodate the remains of over 7,000 people. Inside the Pagoda is a wishing bell where visitors may make a wish and sound the bell.

The Temple gardens.

Wearing: Floral shirt (Cotton On sale $15!!!), Old Germany souvenir tee (one of the t-shirts found during my family spring clean), denim cut-offs (vintage), leather belt (vintage), sand canvas boots (Rubi), assorted accessories and sunnies from Dotti.

It was floral print of the shirt that caught my eye first. And secondly the cut and the way you could pull up the sleeves and button them in place. Super light. Super casual. So appropriate for spring. Lucky I layered a lot, as it got quite hot during midday and lunch but the wind still reminded you it wasn't summer just yet. These canvas boots from Rubi are incredibly comfortable.. couldn't help but skip through the Temple gardens.

Another one of my crystals! This one is a Fluorite stone. I love the bands of colour, subtle from a far though up close you definitely see it's natural beauty.

Happy peeps!

This is really a photo montage. Walking through the garden I saw a little miniature stone statue of a temple. The temple's window was perfect for playing with "depth of focus". These are some of my favourite shots!

The main Temple or also known as the Great Hero Hall.

Temple gift shop.

Burning essence.

This was another Buddha statuette I passed on the way out. I found it so peculiar!! What is a snowman doing there and why is the little Buddha wearing earphones??? .... strange! haha

It was quite time consuming sifting through the large amount of photos we took. But like I said, do expect more.... :P

x Your Only Blackswan


  1. looks like a beautiful day! those statues of kids or somthing are adorable!

    still love what your wearing, and your friends aswell!

    peace x

  2. haha I love the little statues :) Gorgeous outfit!!


  3. Oh wow, so glad you stumbled accross my blog. Yours is adorable! I will def be following now! Love your photos from your trip! Looks like so much fun!!


  4. cute statues.
    love you high waist shorts!

  5. Aww, the little Buddhas are so cute :D i really like the floral shirt and crystal necklace! xxxxxx

  6. omgsh, you look amazing :D

    love the outfit. and the photo montage is charming.

    looks like great fun.

    <3 dennica pearl
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  7. Love those pictures, love the outfit, those shorts look great on you!

  8. aww the statues are so cute ! & once again, adore your outfit !

  9. This place looks amazing and I love love your outfit!

  10. heeeeeeeeey i've been here before!!
    haha love the shorts, boots and floral shirt! very cute.

  11. Love your outfit and great forgotten-find with the tshirt, it's very cool.
    The photo montage is great, looks like you guys had a lovely time.

    Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

  12. Cute outfit,
    I love the necklace.

  13. darling, i adore this outfit, its just ever so wonderful my dearest. x.

  14. I've been to that temple its tuly beautiful and so peaceful did you enjoy it? and love your necklace I have a similar one <3

  15. you look lovely. And those Buddha`s are so cute.xx

  16. aw those buddha statues are so cute!

  17. Great pics! I loove your outfit, you look gorgeous xx

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  18. love your look! so lovely pics!

    Nici from

  19. In love with your outfit! <3

  20. Thanks so much for all the comment love honey!

    Love your outfit here...the tee is super awesome!


  21. yayyy! you're from australia :D tehehe
    thanks for the comment, your blog is lovely! and you look and seem like a lovely person! :D
    i've followed you ^^

  22. I LOVEOLOVE your outfit!

  23. I love your clothes! :))

  24. ..if there is a place I NEED tO BE - IS THERE ..awwww , how cute are those little sculptures , oh My God , that place is so adorable and I love Burning scent sticks , even sometimes people have headaces from them I love that scent , especially sandalwood .. look just so beautiful , you honestly one of the most beautiful girls I saw and you have so wonderful personality as well ..
    ..those shots through the stone statues are amazing ..
    ..have a great day sweetie ..

  25. you've got a great blog,
    beautiful photos and cute outfits :)

    This post is so lovely ,
    and thanks for your comment,