Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spotted in mX - My Day Job

My full page ad I designed spotted in today's

Not too sure if any of you knew what I did for a living. To keep it short, (as my eye's are about to explode)... I am full time graphic designer for an Australian online department store, This week has been pretty hectic with the long weekend coming up and the NRL Grand Final. is the official sleeve sponsor for the Sydney Roosters (our work's logo is smack bang on the Roosters jersey sleeve), so you could just imagine how frantic we are in the office and shop with Sunday's game fast approaching!

Anyway, the newspaper ad I designed was published in today's mX - (page 25!!) For those who don't know what mX is, it's this popular metro newspaper given out across all New South Wales public transport services at the end of the day, in time for the commute home.

I had to work back late today, so when I finally got my hands on a copy I couldn't help but get all giddy about it! I wanted to jump up and down, but than I would just be one of those weirdos on the trains. And trust me, I've had my fair share of weirdos.
I've also designed ads that have been published in the Sunday Telegraph and Sun Herald, but I think this ad got me more excited because I actually READ mX religiously. (not religiously, but you get what I mean! I'm sure all of us flick to the "Overheard" section first for some cheap laughs hehe)

Anywho, I particularly enjoyed reading this issue of mX ;)

So tired... I should really be in bed by now.... Nighty night all!

Ps. Check out my overview on the Australian Fashion Bloggers website.

x Your Only Blackswan


  1. omg congratulations! you're so talented. the ad looks brilliantly crafted.

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  2. Ooh that's nice! It's really cool to see your work published. I'm a graphic designer too, at Marie Claire fashion magazine! XXX

  3. Yayyy, congrats on the paper, hehe! I like the fleecey jumper your wearing! xxxx

  4. oh cool congrats!
    i love mX, best thing to read on the train with friends and laugh at those sections in the back that i love so much
    i wanna study graphic design once i leave school, i need it to do artistic direction in fashion magazines
    where did you study it and any advice on how to succeed in graphic design?

  5. congratulations! it must feel so rewarding to see your work published!

    x amie

  6. wow, congrats on your page in MX! I'd be so pleased with myself! Such good work :)

  7. Aw well done, you must be proud :) I don't thing I was even aware of the Australian Fashion Bloggers website, where on Earth have I been?!


  8. YAY!
    I do creative stuff too!!!
    Great job (-w-)b

  9. Congrats, that's awesome! Do you have any tips for landing that first full time design job out of uni? I finished my degree last November and, besides from a bit of retail and freelancing, I'm still trying to get a foot in the door :( x Sushi

  10. this is what you do , that is amazing , I wanted to do graphic design studies after school but I never did and I really regret it because I want to do so much but can't because of dont knowing it all ..

    ..congrats Darling , it must be so exciting to see your creation in the newspaper ..

  11. Hey hon, I can't seem to find your reply to my above comment! Can you please remind me if it was on here, on my blog or on Twitter? x Sushi