Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ben Frost and James Jirat Art Exhibition

These photos are a tad delayed, but what the hell, better late than never right?! After Glebe Markets last Saturday, my friend and I decided to check out the Ben Frost and James Jirat exhibition down at Redfern's Boutwell Draper Gallery. Being exposed to Ben Frost's infamous pop-culture mash-up style during university and having him as our Guest Speaker at our graduation exhibition, it was nice to finally see a full collection of his work up close and in the flesh. With all the bright primary colours and recognisable characters of both the comic and animation world, I couldn't help but to laugh, giggle, smirk and sometimes pause for while and go back to my graduating exhibition where Frost's opening speech was about lawn mowers and cats.

After spotting the main featured piece "Killer Love" (artwork above) had been "SOLD" indicated with the sign of a red dot, I wondered how much that person paid to get their very own heavily layered slice of Ben Frost. Will they showcase it in their foyer greeting their guests with a boom of bright colours, or hang it above their Barcelona couch in their newly renovated warehouse style apartment. Hrrmm??... I think the later.

I paused longer than normal when viewing this piece above. Talk about 'pussy'?! How charming! :O

Get Frosted!


Titled: "She never cared much for heavy Metal"... haha!

And here are some snaps of the amazing detailed handywork of
James Jirat Patradoon.

With scenes that look they have been derived from a SinCity tale, his villain subjects and masked bandits are executed brilliantly and frozen in climatic situations through his use of graphite on canvas. The decision to reject colour was beneficial as his works continued to grow more visually complex. Seeing the detail in his work blew my mind, you could then really realise the amount of hours dedicated towards each piece AND the annoyance of having to wash your silvery, graphite hands after a 2 hour session of continual drawing and sketching! I always hated then when using graphite or even worse charcoal back in art class. Arrhh!

My personal favourite of Jirat is his "Die and Begotten" piece above. The studded leather jacket screams Michael Jackson's Thriller!

It was pleasant way to end off the day - Nothing beats visiting the markets, shopping, thrifting and then feasting your eyes on some visual arty goodness!

For more upcoming exhibitions and info on the Boutwell Draper Gallery, click here.

On a different note, today we celebrated my dad's 54th birthday with a BBQ lunch and yummy fish! I can see there just might be some left overs for tomorrow! haha

Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend! The sun has been out and it's starting to look more like spring! F I N A L L Y!

x Your Only Blackswan


  1. okay...
    that's a pretty violent Peter Rabbit...
    But from a creative point of view... those are cool works.

  2. Wow....these are all soooo great!!! Wonderful collection...and you of course, look SUPER cute!!!

    Enter my Tulle Giveaway♥

  3. I love the Peter Rabbit one! haha. Love your outfit too :) xx

  4. you are nice, funny ^^

  5. i love the bunny photo hahaha. chuckle.

  6. the colors in these pieces of art are AMAZING! these photos are so inspirational...definitely something i'd hang on the wall of my room or something! these are the epitome of pop art!

    you look fantastic in the pictures, as always! loving the jacket, long dress, scarf and ankle boot combo!!!

    we're following you now!!!

    sincerely, YCM

  7. popping electric art x

  8. Oh wow ! Those are simply breath taking artworks ! Very inspirational especially since i'm working on my HSC major for 2011 now. :)

    Thankyou so much for the advice and insight as to keeping the course ! It means a lot to me :) And I followed your blog a while back ago hehe, I just rarely get the chance to comment.

    x victoria

  9. Oh, you are so pretty, and I adore your style!
    The artwork is also just as marvelous. xxx

  10. i love ben frosts stuff! the sydney street art scene is starting to get really great... you should check out the movements stuff!
    love your outfit x

  11. ahaha clever..yet disturbing 'pussy' lolol
    you can stare at those things for aages!
    that dress is oh so wonderful! i've been lookin around for something the same ever since i saw u wear it in that other post!

  12. I really like this post! It's a great collection.
    Btw. I really like your blog, it's lovely.

  13. Wow, I really love these two artists! Thanks for introducing me to them - looks like it was an awesome exhibition!