Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crystal clusters, Markets and Thrift!

Here are some snaps from Glebe Markets on Saturday! You should of seen my eyes lit up when I came across this table full of crystals and gemstones!! I blame the flickering light that lured me in! Did I hit the jackpot? umm..... yes! Was talking to the stall owner for quite sometime, found out she makes jewellery out of the stones and crystals that she collects then suddenly a lightbulb went *ting!* *ting!* *ting!* in my head! " I still have a whole bag of ring bases at home!"

After a thorough examination, I purchased a little baby.... can you guess which one? ....


My heart sunk a little when I saw these bracelets! ohhhh!

Leather goodness!

These are tooo cute!! I love the watermelon one!

Zines! Zines! Zines!

When I have my own place, I want one of these old window photo frames! A sucker for 'rustic charm'?!

Picked up this ring for $6! Did someone say hoot hoot?!

Close-up detail of canvas tote.


I chose this Amethyst crystal cluster out of the lot! And got it for only 8 buckeroos!!

....Do you like?!

You could say something like this went through my head the very second I laid eyes on the baby:

OMG crystals! + OMG ameythst! + MY BAG FULL OF RING BASES!! + tomorrow get super glue! = My very own crystal cluster ring!

To be honest, I have so many things gathering up dust in my room that still need to be customised or transformed into something new!

Here is a "pretend shot" of what the ring would look like in the end! Now that's what you call a 'statement piece'! Don't think it would be a good idea to team it up with my Amethyst pendant necklace ay? Is there such a thing as too much crystal??!! Hrmm. What the heck!

I really need to stop buying stuff off ebay. My watching list is seriously getting out of control. Last week I 'Won' this vintage Levi's denim jacket - I can see it being a family heirloom....Well I'd like to think so. It is Levi's after all!

Another goodie I scored off ebay was the gorgeous beige and black trimmed blouse from Ezzentric Topz Vintage. When I saw it I fell in love, the sharp crisp colour and gold button details on the front pocket flaps and cuffs made it even more perfect! Been wanting to wear it tucked into these cute culottes/skort shorts I have, or maybe high-waisted jeans? Just waiting for the weather to be just right. I BIG shout out to Twee from Ezzentric Topz Vintage! You must go and have a look at her store if you haven't already.

After Glebe Markets we went to pay a visit to the nearby op-shops and thrift stores. After a lengthy "Yes or No?" game in the changerooms, I came out with the embroided denim number, bohemian-inspired throwover and my favourite - this China porcelain print blouse! The print is heavenly, I could not believe my luck when I saw it amongst the racks.

Last but not least, I had to get my hands on some maxi skirts. Eating as much as I want without care for the enlarged-tight tummy post meal and chucking leg spreads underneath the office desk were my main incentives for purchasing one! These amazing prints however did help in swaying my decision to get them ;)

Some major retail therapy you see? Quite so. Until next month, I refrain myself from buying any more vintage, accessories, or crystals.

Though, I'm sure all of these won't round up to the amount I spent for USHER tickets for my sister and I. YES! USHER O.M.G 2011 TOUR is LOCKED IN!! and GOLD SEATING!! ahhhhhhhHHH!! absolutely gonna be off-da-hook! Usher, "The Next Michael Jackson?" Let's just say, Section 9 will be going crazzzyyyyyy! :D

Hope you all are having a wonderful day so far, mine was a bit blaahhhh at start, but with this news, it definitely made my day a gazillion times better.

x Your Only Blackswan


  1. Ooooooh crystals! If you turned that cluster into a ring it would be soooo epic. Congrats on getting the Usher tickets too :)

  2. markets and thrifting! <3

    ahh ebay is my bad habit :( i've spent so much money on it and i have no money left and yet there's still so much in my "watching" ahhaha bad!

  3. Wow....what a really great much eye candy!!!

    Love the crystals:)

    Read my interview w/Susan from ModCloth♥

  4. Hey sweetie,

    Thanks so much for your shout out, hehehe~I'm over the moon now~~~=P

    Your shirt collection is AMAZING!!Glebe market looks really fun too!!Can't miss it when i next come to Sydney!

    Thanks for your last message on my post too~your compliment means a lot to me~!!!!!


  5. I love Usher, he's one of the most sexiest men living & kicking - very talented. Both of us need to get a shrink! haha Can't restrain myself at all when it comes to vintage, accessories that can match with what I have.


    We're both retail love-sick.

  6. Great pics! And I can't wait to see you wearing everything!

  7. That ring is absolutely gorgeous! Who needs clean cut crystals when you got the raw ring look! Love the vintage.

  8. Haha I love the owl ring :] And the amethyst! Gorgeous. I also like the old window photo frame idea - might have to try that one.

  9. looove the markets and the thrill of finding random treasures.
    thanks for the lovely comment and i've put up a close up of the necklace

  10. That's a beautiful crystal!
    P.S. The doctor martin's boots was CG! they still look cool anyways!

  11. i LOVE markets, where was this one? so jealous you snatched that amazing ring for 8 bucks!! so fun :)

  12. Such a fun and great place.Love the ring.

  13. good pictures)
    i love crystals *_*

  14. cool blog! and great pics! :)

  15. such awesome pictures ! & I love all of the clothes that you bought, I wish I had a paypal. ):

  16. crikey! epic wee post. love the fact your doing a diy on the crystal easy and far cheaper than a designer unique to you. good choice of amethyst and i love that contrast trim shirt you got.

    thanks for visiting my blog and liking my sgc shorts!

  17. wow you just showed me to many gorgeous things to comprehend!
    I love those little watermelon stick things and the owl ring and the photo frames and pretty much everything else!
    ps. i guessed right on which crystal you brought :) x

  18. Glebe Market! I need to go! And love the crystals.

    Love Grace.

  19. Wohoo, so many treasures!

  20. wowowow this post was so much to take in! the owl ring is ADORABLE and all these pictures makes me realise how long its been since i've been to a good market :/

    i'm selling usher tickets at work, i'm expecting it to be crazy when they go on sale next week!


  21. everything looks so cute!
    adorable blog!

  22. this post is like... my ideal day :O yum yum the crystal!!! I haven't been to Glebe markets in WAY too long! I'm so there after hsc hhaa :D

  23. I love the owl ring that you bought, very cute! I especially love the shirts you bought too! You and Y from YCM have a lot in common, she loves prints too! I'm sure those shirts will look great on you! Can't wait to see pictures later on!


  24. Great finds!!!

    The crystal is beyond GORGEOUS!!! I need crystal rings NOW! I don't have any... :S

  25. these photos are amazing! And are those notebooks????????????????????

    Always been a fan of the stationary.


  26. I'm glad I'm not the one with an out of control ebay watch list! The denim jacket is awesome though and I love the owl ring you picked up :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  27. Loving these pictures!!
    I MUST visit Glebe markets, it sounds thrilling! Love the stone you've purchased and you should definitely make it into a ring... some how.


  28. That would make an amazing ring, whenever i go glebe markets i always seem to miss those stands, but maybe because im always near the food

  29. i wish i could go there:)
    thanks for your comment

  30. whoa these look too cool.

    don't worry about the split ends. your hair looks superb to us!



  31. oh my god, what amazing treasures you've acquired! i LOVE the amethyst! i saw some amethyst slices (how else would you call those cross-sections of stone?) as a windchime in a market in the summer and i immediately thought of buying it and making them into AWESOME pendants but the boyfriend was in a hurry and we didn't stop :( im STILL upset with him about it, heh

    but yeah, all your stuff looks great, i want to see you wear it now! and btw, would you like to exchange links? im adding you to my friends list, i love your blog! xxx

  32. omg! i'm listening to usher right now! he def knows how to set the mood for a party! i hope you have a blast!

    adoring the amethyst cluster, i have a tiny polished one.

    f ashioncont a gious

  33. ..oooh Darling , I really enjoyed this post ...soooo many little goodies and cuties in the same place : )I am looking forward to see the ring finished , it looks fabulous and you actually just gave me inspiration to make something like that as well ..those Chrystals looks like such an expensive and unique jewellery ..
    OMG ..that Crystal table ! I would took them all - they are amaxzing made me obsessed with those darlings as well : )

  34. I like the black and white silk like shirt I WANT IT!!! haha

    and thanks for dropping by, my internet was capped for the month. so couldn't go on many blogs.


  35. great market and some amazing finds!