Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hungry? Get Bau Trounged!!

Last week, went to a family dinner at one of Cabramatta's dining hot spots - Bau Troung!
Thought we'd mix it up a bit and try some authentic Vietnamese food rather than hitting our usual Chinese Restaurant which we frequent. I personally prefer Vietnamese food over Chinese, the flavours are much more fresh and exotic, and who doesn't love a generous-sized Pho! ooooo YUMMO!

My favourite dish of the evening was our entree - A mixed platter of fresh mint salad, cucumber, vermicelli, crumbled nuts, variations of pork and crab meat. Here you were given thin circular rice papers where you dunk them in hot water to soften, choose your filling and create your very own mini-wrap! I couldn't help myself and immediately got "wrapping". A bit messy - but by the end of the entree, I think I got the hang of it! hehe

After a roll-out of dishes we treated ourselves to the classic Vietnamese "3-colour" bean and condensed milk drink and my sister tried the Avocado shake which was delish and so refreshing!

If you would like to get Bau Trounged, head to:

Bau Troung
42 John Street, Cabramatta
NSW 2166

This is making me hungry, I must go off and eat! haha

Happy Sunday peoples! The sun is out! Yippee!!

x Your Only Blackswan


  1. Looooove it :))))))))

  2. ok this will fulfill my breakfast craving perfectly.

    being too sloppy to appear publicly in our post, we'd rather remain anonymous at this point. but oh well, you may feel better to see a glimpse of some dry and damaged hair of ours in this! haha.



  3. Wow that looks soooo delicious!!

  4. they look so healthy!
    I just had my lunch, but your post is making me hungry again!

  5. omg this is like my favourite place to eat in cabramatta! i'm going there to eat dinner with the family this weekend actually, and yes that 3 colour drink is the best

  6. omg avacado shake is my favouurrite!
    hehe yeah i've been there beforee :) i love viiett cuisine! my absolute favourite, SO TASTY, can't get sick of it, and HEALTHY too!! mmm those dishes look delish *mouth waterrrinngg*