Saturday, October 02, 2010

ROADTRIP | Part Three

Part Three, being the final post. (yes really!)

Here are MORE photos of our trip down to Wollongong. Looking at them makes me want to go on another roadtrip! Be it to anywhere, but a good day or two away will keep me sane. Lucky for me and other Aussies a like, we have a 3-day long weekend this weekend! Hooray!! I always thought us human beings needed one more day in the week to do absolutely
N O T H I N G.

On Sunday I have Parklife!! Missy Elliot, I'm coming for YOU!! My friends narrowed down the setlist and made up our own little timetable for the day. A timetable for Parklife you'll say???!!! Yes. Because there are so many good acts performing, we want to make sure we get in ALL the action. Our "personalised setlist" includes Washington, The Wombats, Uffie, Chiddy Bang, Cut Copy, Missy Elliot (of course) and Groove Armada. The forecast is 21 degrees, couple of showers - tell me whyyyyy??? What happened to 26, sunny and a beautiful day ahead? Fingers crossed it doesn't rain!! ....... boo!

Anyways, back to the photo diary!.....

Hotel room fun! The afternoon light streamed through one of the rooms, we couldn't help but to bust out in random poses. I was going for "two swans in a lake" in the third photo, but I think it passes more as "walk like, an Egyptian!" haha

The COOLEST bones Jenga out!!

Sunset from hotel balcony.

The birthday girl! :)

Shutter remote smiles.

oooooo the icecream van!! Childhood memories are rushing back!

nom, nom, nom!!

Flagstaff Lighthouse.

Art direction by moi. ;)

Apparently, Hog's Breath Cafe is the "hip and happening" place to be on a Saturday night down at the Gong. When the waitress asked if we have a "VIP members card", she was quite bewildered that none of us didn't. Ahemmm!... umm hello, we're from Sydney.

Poker poker poker! This was my first time at it. So many patterns and card groups to remember, I struggled to retain my friend's pre-game tutorial in my head, let alone trying to pick up on my friends "blushing" signs. The winner of the night was shouted free brekkie in the morning.

The biggest shock the following morning - PAYING to park at McDonalds!!! wtf??? What is up with you Wollongong!?? Don't mean to sound like I'm dissing the town, but come on? Are you serious? Forget the fact the parking fees are donated, the service was dreadful. Not happy jan!

Instead, brought breakfast to the beach.

You know, just chillin'..... killin'...

These babies were the bomb!! Went through 4 packets throughout the trip. So addictive!


Since I haven't been to the snow yet, AND my birthday is on the June long weekend... I was thinking a roadtrip to the snow would be quite the idea next year! Though, I have a feeling another roadtrip will be on the cards sooner rather than later.

ALSO, keep your eyes peeled for my next post - won't be photos this time, but a V I D E O of our roadtrip!! That's right, moving images!!


x Your Only Blackswan


  1. You have such a lovely blog. =o)

    The pictures are inspiring.

  2. great pictures. just wondering, but do you ever edit your photos? the one I'm specifically talking about is the one with you and your friends, and one of them is holding and ice-cream cone. I love how it's sort of faded throughout the picture.

  3. lovely blog:)
    check out mine?

    love always bek

  4. ooooorrghhh I love this kind of posts!! Fabulous :)


  5. OMG those pics are so amazing! Seems like you had a lot of fun!

  6. Great pics!Looks like you had an amazing time:)))

  7. I love the ice cream van photos and I need to set off on a roadtrip one day!!

  8. Lovely pictures and that is one AMAZING jenga :L x

  9. Seems like you had a great time!
    I want Bone Jenga toooo!!!

  10. lol :D what fun! amazing post

    come by sometime,
    The Ballon Rouge

  11. Cute pictures! Thanks for your comment :)

  12. such cute photos! i love the colors :)

  13. this pictures are so fun! make me want to go on another road trip already Xx

  14. i absolutely love these pictures. That ice-cream truck is sweet! I can't choose a favorite pic tho. i love them all! looks like you had fun :)

  15. feeling the exuberance vicariously!

  16. ..I love all the pictures and I love the artistic element in them as well ..Egyptian walk looks funny , I can imagine how you did it in real life and tried to take a snaps : ) really looks that you all had a great time ..what can I say ? I WANT TO GO AUSTRALIA : ))) hopefully one day , it's definately one of my wish list holiday destination ..

    ..about my designs ? I don't have web shop yet , it all goes so slow , but somebody suggested to me to sell few on ebay so I will put few my designs there : )
    ..thank you sooo much for all your lovely comments , they always make my day : )))

  17. just found out ur blog,
    and, well, i'm glad i did!

    love pics, and this stream, is truly great!