Saturday, October 02, 2010



An all-smiles, genius video made and edited by my awesome, oh-so talented friend Czarina Clemente. Being her 23rd birthday, we took off on a roadtrip down to Wollongong, the south of Sydney. I shared with you a heap load of photos, now here is a nostalgic roadtrip wrapup - .....celebrating 23 years in 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

Enjoy, I still can't wipe off the smile of my face!

Head to her portfolio for more graphic/web design and photography work by miss Czarina Clemente.

Ps. Parklife was insaneeeee!!! MISSY ELLIOT - incredible!! My body is aching all over, was in the thick of the moshpit! owww...!

Photos coming soon people!

x Your Only Blackswan


  1. I love the colours in the video - makes it look very springtime/nostalgic!

  2. Loved seeing all your holiday photos lady!
    Definitely can't wait to be on holis xx

  3. Love the video so much! And can't wait till see your next photo's!

  4. YAY! i love it so much that i watched it twice haha
    I'll have to try and make one like that after my roadtrip... seems so far away... :D xx

  5. can i just thank you so much on your comment and advice
    really helpful and much appreciated
    your so great, thanks hun x

    ps what's the song from the video? it's really good

  6. @ tgs:

    no worries hun, anytime! :)

    the song used in the video is "Never gonna leave this bed" by Maroon 5. my friend did an awesome job didn't she! :D

  7. wrap videos. I used to make summary vids as well but then I hated the lag when editing. But I love how you did yours.

  8. @ rosanguyen:

    i'm glad you like the video, but my friend Czarina Clemente made it! I will let her know :)

  9. Aww thanks for the sweet comment babe!


  10. nice one :) looks like you had a lotsa fun!

  11. that video is just amazing. and road trips with your besties must be so much fun - i've never been on one! :(

    you should definitely check out baroque - adorable place, incredible food. and it's sooo nice to get to know other sydney bloggers as well! :)

    keep up the awesome work xx

  12. love the video!!!! i have always wanted to visit Sydney what is it like?


  13. Awesome video! Can't wait to see the photos. Will def. check out her port!

    +I srsly don't mean to advertise, but I'm having my first giveaway, so if you'd like, take a peep! xo

  14. ..hey sweetie ..sorry for not being around , I just had one of those weeks when you feeling down and there is emptiness in my head ..

    ..awww , I LOVE that video , and the music is perfect as well ..those kind of trips will always stay in our memories , I had trips like those as well and when I remember it - big smiles on my face : ).. look adorable sweetie ..and your friends are great is wonderful ..

  15. wowww that's such a great way to capture the memories from a road trip! i loove love love this videeooo, ur friend is very talented! hope my summer is even half as awesome as what's depicted in that video!