Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Bus Ad I designed!

Today I received good news at work that the bus ads I designed are now up on the side of Sydney and Perth buses! Here is a shot of the two-part ads spotted in Sydney's CBD. It brought me to a whole new level of accomplishment, let alone excitement itself.

Lucky for, our brand colours include orange which contrasts nicely against the cyan blue bus trimmings. So for all you Sydney and Perth commuters, keep an eye out!

Like the ad says,
SAVE TIME, SAVE BIG-TIME at - We sell everything from top brand electronics, perfumes, sunglasses, homewares, toys, sporting goods, designer watches and much, much more!


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Anddddddd I haven't forgotten!

Not too long now till the final shots of the DESERT HAZE PROJECT are up!


x Your Only Blackswan


  1. How COOL!!! HUGE congrats hunnie....the ad looks fabulous!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
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  2. wow congratulations! that is such a cool ad <3 awesome work!


  3. WOW I guess I'll be seeing a lot of those ads around!