Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well who happened to swing by your dashboard again?! Yes, it's been a good while since I last posted. As always, my work week has been super busy, but I don't want to talk about that so moving right along! Here are my new Rayban Clubmaster sunglasses I got well.. omg, yes from work! Sorry I didn't realise that "W" word would slip in again. We have quite a lot of decent and on-trend stuff coming in that I had to pop in warehouse early to try these on. It was a toss between the classic Wayfarer and these old school babies. I opted for the latter. And I'm quite glad I did. Being most recognisable in films as opticals eg. Matt Damon in The Good Sheperd, Michael Douglas in Falling Down and Kevin Costner in JFK, these timeless classics is somewhat the ultimate blend between the Aviator and Wayfarer. Even KFC's Colonel Sanders himself wore these browlines as part of his trademark look - just check out each and every illuminated KFC sign and logo you see. I didn't even notice till now! :S here's proof! HA!

I was originally one of those "I don't wear sunnies" type of people and would rather fight the sunlight and squint instead. I hated stuff on my face and thought sunnies were for people who wanted to hide their face with a designer brand. But now, I realise maybe it was because I never really had a proper quality pair of sunglasses till now.... I always ended up breaking the cheap alternatives I picked up a little stall or only worn them for the first week and never saw them again till my next trip to the beach the following summer. This time however, it feels different, almost something "meant to be" . My own slice of fashion history on my face - my very own pair of iconic Rayban Clubmaster sunglasses. And best of all - pure genuine as well! :)

Vintage Reebok shorts! Too cool.

Thu from Original Number and I took these photos the other week when the weather was hot and sunny. The weekend that just passed was also a scorcher! It's like Mother Nature has decided to skip Spring entirely and catapult right into Summer! I managed to get some sun, (actually got quite burnt) and painted the town red on Saturday night! (Photos to come soon!)

Here I am wearing the band T-shirt I got from The Jezabels gig I watched back in winter. I've been wondering whether it would be a "lame" idea to wear the tee this Friday night when I go watch The Jezabels again at their concert at The Gaelic! This time, it would be all about The Jezabels, 3 EPs to be exact. Ahhhh so excited!! Would it look too "crazy fanatic"?....I am a big fan after all - Your call guys!

Wearing: Jezabels band tee, vintage Reebok cut-offs, vintage belt, Doctor Martens, feather earrings, Rayban Clubmasters, assorted accessories/jewellery.

The night I came home from work and showed my family my new Rayban Clubmasters. It went something like this:

Mum: "Ooo I used to wear those type of sunglasses when I was younger!".

Me: "Well mum, most of the stuff you wore back then is now back in-fashion!" .... "You shoulda kept more of your clothes, see that overflowing laundry basket in my room?.... That's my collection of clothes I refuse to throw out as I want to give them to my daughter if I have one!"

*Mum fumbles around in her draws*

Mum: "Yea yea, you go do that. Look what I have here, haha I knew I took them with me!"

*Mum reveals to me not one, but two vintage Police Clubmasters*

Me: "Whhaaaatttttt!!!! What else have you not shown me!"

My mum was happy enough to pass them down to me - as long as I did not break them.
Here they are pictured below. What a nice Clubmaster collection you think?! ;)

Sorry for the long post! I plan to blog more this week, if time and work allows me.

Hope you're all well.

x Your Only Blackswan

ps. If you haven't had a look at my Denim Studded Vest D.I.Y., cast your eyes below now! Enjoy!


  1. Love your outfit! Your t-shirt and sunglasses are amazing. And I can't believe your Mum has those beauties tucked away. Lucky you! x

  2. sooo cool! you look fantastic as always :D your posts inspire me to completely review my wardrobe ahaha))

  3. loving your outfit sweetie, hope you get some free time and make more posts:))))

  4. Awsome! I love every single piece!


  5. Wow, you're so lucky! My mum threw most of her stuff away whilst constantly moving house... Love the DMs :D

  6. You Rock!!
    Those shades are awesome!

  7. you're so lovely!
    love your lipstick's colours
    pretty :)

  8. Love everything you're wearing - and you're so lucky your mum was fashionable, those glasses are amazing! x

  9. Love that outfit, and them sunglasses are amazing!x


  10. cool! I like your shorts! :D

    Check out our fashion illustrations at Illustrated-Moodboard.com ! = )


  11. love this ! your boots are awesome and I like your earrings too (:

  12. love the shorts and the color is perfect! the belt goes so well with it!


  13. coolest outfit eva!!!


  14. Gorgeous! Love the feather!


    Peace x


  16. The lipstick suits you so much and I love the pictures! They're all great!!


  17. you look sooo cute! love the outfit!!!

  18. Hehe, loving the pictures and of course the sunnies!!
    Always looking fab neighbour! <3


  19. ahh so jealous of all your raybans, i also always hold on to things thinking about passing them on one day because I wish my Mum had kept more of her stuff!

    Love your t-shirt aswell.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier too.

    evie x
    One More

  20. naww i love this look! especially those sunnies, beautiful!

  21. haha your mum is awesome.
    i wish my mum had a collection of cool stuff i could dig out of her drawers & wear!
    great look tho, your raybans turned out fab & loving the shorts with the boots.x