Sunday, November 07, 2010

Denim Threads

Denim-on-denim - no longer a "fashion crime". Who knew this trend would take a likening amongst the fashion scene, despite some reluctant thoughts about the "double denim" revival. Though with any "in-style trend" that comes along the way, you have to expect that not all people would become fans and jump aboard the bandwagon asap! When I first saw my glimpse of denim-on-denim that didn't derive from an old 80s photo, I liked it straight away! It was something fresh, yet still nostalgic in a way. With denim chambrays hitting off in every fast-fashion chain store, I could not help but to be intrigued and coordinate my own double denim number in my head. The other day, I finally hopped to it and pulled together the denim threads in my wardrobe into this ensemble!

Being very warm that day, I had to ditch my Levi's denim jacket and opt for a vest instead. Looking at it now, I think it was a good move... the light blue shade of the vest contrasts nicely against the dark indigo shade of my jeans. The one rule you should follow about "double denim", is to always contrast light with dark and perhaps stay away from any "stonewash denim" hehe.


Denim vest (vintage), Twiggy jeans (Wrangler), linen striped shirt (rescued from family's spring clean!), sand canvas cut-out brogues (Rubi).

Hope all of you are having amazing weekends! My baby blue Canon camera has been repaired and is back in action! Yippee! I visited Bondi Junction with Andrew on Saturday, and was quite content after ordering my favourite "BBQ Pork Soup with rice noodles" from Thai Riffic. This dish would definitely make my Top 3 Favourite Dishes by a mile! Stopped by the new age store, (yes I bought more rocks, will share with you soon!) and watched The Town which didn't have one dull moment at all.

Coming up next is my DIY project that I was busy working on today and a couple more exciting things I cannot wait to share with you!

Happy Sunday!

x Your Only Blackswan


  1. well done with the double denim! loveeeeeee <3 xxx

  2. looove your outfit! and that vest is so cute:))))

  3. Love love love x 100000! :)
    Looking great, like always!

  4. Love those brogues! Bet they'd be perfect for summer. And I want your rings. Now, please x

  5. You're working the look well. Definitely agree with the light/dark denim rule.

  6. love the denim and the stripes :) xx

  7. i don't think i could ever pull off denim and do it perfectly!

  8. of course! you're so sweet and i you find the loveliest vintage pieces.. like this vest here. oh i wish i was living somewhere warm right now, i'm quite jealous!

  9. mmmmmmm those denim colours are awessome too!
    ahhh denim <3

  10. i love the color of your denim vest!!!

  11. I love your jeans xox

  12. I loooooove it :)))))


  13. Love this outfit! THe vest is so perfect!

  14. such a great vests, i love vests!!

  15. great outfit ! as always :)

  16. Love demin. Lovely pictures and oh my god, you´re from Australia! That´s my dream destination, I would die literally to go there.

    Redhead In Law

  17. thank you so much for your comments, you are so sweet and have been such an awesome reader of my blog! btw, i love ur style! great photos and blog! stay gorgeous! :)



  18. I haven't put together an outfit with those Rubi Summer Brogues yet!!! But you definitely rock and look fab in them!


  19. rocking that double denim girlie, perrfect!
    looks good with the stripes <3

  20. youve got the little details that make this simple style a bit different, the waistcoat is probably my favourite bit!
    if you follow let me know so i can return the favour!


  21. A pleasure to discover you.

    Kisses from Spain.

  22. omg how adorable are you?

    yes, i agree. denim on demin in moderation is not a fashion crime any longer, and you, my dear, epitomize this trend.


    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  23. I LOVE that you do diy stuff!

  24. i bought a pair of shoes that look identical to that... they are gorgeous!!

    xoxox from New york

  25. your photos are pretty nice :D ! (l)
    my personnal and fashion blog <3. :)

  26. love the look and the shoes - i've never seen any like these before!
    check out my collage giveaway here -

  27. ..hello my beautiful look so gorgeous like always ..sorry , but I need to say that every time : )
    ..I love the look and I totally adore your cute shoes , I never seen something so cute before ..

    ..hope you are ok sweetie ..