Sunday, November 28, 2010

Monday to Sunday and in the between

You could describe this post as a mini photo-diary of the past week or so. After reading my astrology report via RUSSH, I am indeed looking forward to the new year ahead! New career opportunities, travel and an abundance of creativity are on the cards - just what I wanted to hear! Hopefully my "destiny" will follow its due course in 2011, though I know God won't hold my hand the whole time. As William Jennings Bryan once said, "Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice: It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."

1. Thrifted finds equating to a total of $24 - st. vinnies had 50% off storewide!! :D

2. Dreamcatcher by day.

3. Full moon wonder.

4. My sleepy-eyed Chelsea.

5. Zipper/studded cuff by Seventh Door courtesy of Dylana from Nana in Wonderland

6. 2011 Horoscope report. ".. you will enjoy a more balanced personal life, with more time for yourself and more time for fun. In 2011 you can have that, and still have impressive career progress"

7. Mum's meringue birthday cake. Nom nom!

8. Mum's birthday card! Get the pun? hehe

9. The Jezabels live at the Gaelic. Epic performance once again!

10. Jello jello jello!

11. Penne Florentine! I'm a sucker for chilli.

12. Navy floral sun dress (Glebe markets)

13. Swan pendant necklace by Swarovski (gifted)

14. Raw crystals: Rose Quartz (courtesy of Thu from Original Number), Amethysts, Azurite/Malachite

15. The graphic designer's bible (gifted)

Hope you all had an amazing weekend people!

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  1. Great week based on those pictures!

  2. I love your cuff&shoes x

    Love every picture! And hope you like the rose quartz! :)


  4. Ooh I always enjoy these kinds of posts. Your cat cat is the best!

  5. Great blog! What are you going to do with your crystals?


  6. Thank you for your comment on our blog!
    ofcourse we'll follow you back your blog is amazing:)
    I love the pictures in your posts!!


  7. love your photos

  8. Amazing photos! I love your cat! :-O <3


  9. oooh, i don't know what to comment on first! i love the dreamcatchers, the swan pendant, your sleepy cat (so funny!), the foodie pictures, the crystals and the starsign predictions! im a gemini too, are we having a good year next year? awesome! xxx

  10. I really love your blog. that cakes looks amazing. visit me soon

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  11. I love this post! such a great insight into your world! :)Your cat looks unbelievably adorable! so cute! and wow those fabrics look stunning too!

  12. mmm, yummy foood!
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  13. amaaazing photos! that cake looks delicious and your cat is adorable!

  14. Great post! You took so many lovely photos, I so want that graphic designing book! I am really into graphic designing, I'm seriously considering changing my major to that lol

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  15. absolutely amazing!!!

  16. ooh this is creepy, i just posted bunch of photos incl' my russh susan miller astrology report, dreamcatchers and crystals heheh but not s pretty as yours! that studded cuff, your killer thrifted finds, cute floral dress and mmm that prawn penne i love <3

  17. ah!!!!
    your kitty's sooooo cute!

  18. I love thrifting and I'm being swamped with assignments so I haven't had a chance to go..never fear! Holidays are near :)

    I think you're totally adorable :D

  19. lovely photodiary- Can't wait to see your thrift finds on!!

  20. Great post! Your cat is so cute!

  21. i love posts like these! that cuff is beautiful and so are the crystals...and your cat is adorable!!


  22. um like. wow. I love every photo - great photo diary (you should do a 365 - a photo everyday type thing), i love the card, it's so cute, and am looking forward to seeing your vintage finds a bit better!

  23. The Jezabels were at the Gaelic!!!!??? why didnt you tell me!!!! ahhhhhhh! haha
    That would have been awesome

    Sweet photos


  24. Beautiful photos! Your cat is adorable & oh I just love jello cubes, tehe.

  25. Good to see we Geminis have a nice year coming up! I wouldn't mind impressive career progress while still having some fun in the meantime.. :P

    I love the cuff you are wearing in the picture, and it goes well with the Owl ring, which caught my eye as I have the same one! I wear it practically everyday bc I love owls so much.

    Hope you'll get a chance to come by and visit me! :D
    *Claudia* xx
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  26. got a major crush on your accessories. already checked the editorials. they all look amazing. keep it up!



  27. I die for your cat! sooo cute!

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  28. ...awww ..I love your cute cat , he he he , I just did some snaps with mine as well : )
    ..I like those materials above , it always make me think of some new designs , fabric shops are my obsession : ) look lovely sweetie ..oh , so you read horoscopes as well , I used to read a lot some time ago , but now one of my family members always send me special report before new year : ) I love when they are positive ..

    take care ..
    Ellinelle xxx