Saturday, November 20, 2010

Paint The Town Red

Who doesn't love a night out on the town?! Things look, feel, hear and taste better knowing it's the weekend. Last week and Smirnoff asked me to share with you my thoughts about what getting ready to go out means to me - how convenient that very weekend my friends and I had a night out already planned. So here are my top 7 keypoints about getting ready to go out!

1.) The 'Getting-Ready' Playlist

This is by far the first and crucial step to ensure you get in the mood for a big night out! I have included all my favourite upbeat/feel good songs on my playlist that I'll know will immediately get up and dance to or bop around whilst getting ready. Old school, all-time or recent, whatever songs tickles your fancy, make sure you turn the beat up! The first song on my 'Getting-Ready' playlist is T.I's You Can Have Whatever You Like. haha. The way I see it, do AND have whatever you like it tonight... after a long and stressful work week it's now time to let your hair down girls.

2.) A Hot Outfit

When dressing myself, comfort is always first before anything. If you feel comfortable, then you can totally own your outfit. Most of the time I always see girls adjusting their dresses or staggering in their heels, and I can't help but to think... why do that to yourself!?? So keep this in mind when choosing your ensemble. Glam it up and turn it up a notch, this is your chance to show more skin then usual (tastefully of course) or express your individual style to the next level. The base line is, FLAUNT IT, but don't look awkward while doing so.

3.) Dressing For The Weather

You don't want to look silly wearing a super short, body-con dress when it's 17 degrees or look like you just came out of a sauna while wearing a fur coat when it's 28. Think smart. I normally step outside for a few minutes while having a pre-drink to suss out the weather. Is there a cold breeze? It is awfully humid? Last Saturday it was a hot sultry summer night, slight breeze in the air, the perfect weather to finally sport this darling kaftan my sister got for me on her holiday trip to Thailand! Quite Camillia don't you think! It is very light and airy with open sleeves and the lilac shade and print exudes that exotic summery resort look. Paired it with denim cut-offs, and flesh tone heels and earrings.

4.) Killer Heels

If you have been wearing heels for quite some time, and think you can run faster in them instead of standard joggers, then girlie, go for gold! Luckily, most heels nowadays are designed with a cushioned sole and additional platform making standing and dancing in them quite comfortable despite the heel height. If your heels are new, it would be a good idea to 'work them in' prior the first wear, either stretching them with socks or doing a lap around the house once a day for a week or more. I decided to wear my limited edition PeepToe Flesh Patent Cut-Outs, they are probably the highest heels I own, but thanks to the cushioned sole, I can last in them the whole night - (just!!! hehe)

5.) Good Vibes

I find it necessary to vent out all your insecurities or worries before you go out, so you can really release all your inhibitions and go crazyy! Whether it's to your buddies on the way to the club, or in the first 10-minutes of pre-drinks... it is important get anything that is bothering you from off your chest. You don't want to spoil the night later on and disappoint your friends. If getting home maybe a problem, make sure you organise an arrangement or have various options ready.

6.) Great Company

No one likes a party-pooper, unless you are one yourself. haha. Everyone has their "I don't feel quite up for it" nights, but if you have good genuine pals by your side - that shouldn't even be a problem because all of you will have a good time whatever the gear you're in. I think by now most of us know who are your trusty clubbing partners and who will be willing to walk 200 metres to get an early morning feed of McChicken nuggets with you. AND EVEN send you a text message letting you know they got home safe and thanking you for a top night. Those are the ones you know you'll plan another night out with.

7.) The Destination

The choice of destination will indeed determine how your night will pan out. Everyone has their favourite hot spots, mine in particular is The Ivy, Sydney. My friends and I always hit the Pool Club first as it's more laid back and has less people than the normal ivy (for those who don't know the Pool Club, it is a rooftop pool bar smack bang in Sydney's CBD), then make our way down to the Changeroom where we can get our boogie on. Being one of the largest clubs in Sydney, you can change your scene easily... I personally prefer the Changeroom. Usually later on in the night there is less people, getting drinks is quicker and lounging around on the day beds is a plus!

I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts of what getting ready to go out means to me, or even perhaps agree with some of them?! Funny enough it's Saturday again today....any big plans for tonight people?!

The sun is shining and I think another sultry summer night is on the cards!

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x Your Only Blackswan


  1. What a fun post hunnie....Im in LOVE with your tunic!!!

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  2. Lovely post! And your tunic is fabulous! It's looks so chic on you!

  3. I love them killer heels <3

  4. ..OMG look so cute look stunning , I love your tunica , colour is so summery and light and suits you soooo much ..and those heels really are Killer heels :)
    ..I agree with all your points about going out ..Night out for me used to be a big thing , I mean I always knew about week before I am going out so I can prepare myself : ) ..for me essential is heels , it makes me feel more confident ..And good mood is ESSENTIAL as well ..

    ..I am recently watching Uk's "I am celebrity , get me out of here" and I am in love with Australia's Jungle : )...amazing place ..
    ..have a great week-end sweetie : )

  5. Love Love Love your fuchsia pink lip!

  6. i love this post! you describe absolutely everything essential for having a good night (and i totally agree with you about the importance of comfort, most important thing is that you are confident in what you're wearing cos thats the sexiest thing!)
    haha im gonna save this on my computer and refer to it next time i go out! its awesome! :D

  7. You are awesome!! I love all those outfit post!!!
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  8. great post! i wish we had exciting clubs where i live. i really like your turquoise ring! =)

  9. this dress is so chic and light =)

  10. cute blog and seriously cute tai outfit <3 following you now ;) come visit mine whenever.

  11. That's a great outfit!!!
    Such a fun post you got here!

  12. super cute outfit here.