Saturday, December 11, 2010


A few snaps from the Curvy and Muscle Up Launch last Wednesday night! A much needed dose of eye-candy and an excuse to visit Oxford street mid-week. Cool location (not temperature speaking), great company and the delightful discovery of the yummiest energy drink ever - Boca Lupo. It's seriously good shit, kills Red Bull or Mother any day. Now I just need to know where I can get my hands on a case or 2..?!! HA!

Please excuse the terrible "digital camera dates" in some of the photos. I was fiddling around trying to adjust my camera settings and accidentally turned on the date function. Only found out till later. Mehh!

Boca Lupo, Boca Lupo, Boca Lupo, Boca Lupo, Boca Lupo!!!!

I have decided to put my next giveaway on hold for a while - sorry in getting your hopes up, but I want to make sure the giveaway will blow you away! So just hang in there people... someday soon!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend! Mother Nature has graced us with beautiful weather so far here in Sydney, fingers crossed it's like that all the way up to Monday. I in fact, have an "extended" weekend as I took Monday off! Alleluia! Some much needed time to run some errands, catch up on sleep, go gym and most importantly PREPARE MYSELF for JayZ and U2 Monday night! That's right! I will be watching U2's 360 degree show with JayZ as their supporting act! EPIC much? Pretty psyched if I say so myself..... ahhhhhh!!!


  1. Love the pics and the drawings are soo amazign!

  2. nice look !
    love the oxford shoes dear ! very cool !
    visit my blog <3