Saturday, December 04, 2010


Today Andy and I went to check out the new sparkly Sydney Westfields, and boy oh boy is it amazing or what!! So many great stores, each merchandised brilliantly and the displayed to perfection. Did Westfields bring out the big guns or what??!! My eyes were in for a visual frenzy, as I turned each corner and couldn't but help to go "oooooo" and "ahhhh". You kind of have to get used to the layout, the low ceilings and dark lighting... but we somehow managed to find the food court, which was important for our appetites and it was quite fancy indeed! I saw the infamous Charlie & Co Burgers who received a good review in the mX, and like it said... the queue led out right onto the cafeteria floor. We opted for a good Mexican burrito instead, which was yum yum for my tum! hehe

On our way to the Westfields, we passed through the Galeries that featured the Curvy Installation in the lead up to the Sydney book launch this upcoming Wednesday. Being a big fan of the book, and one-time "featured" artist back in 2009, it made me more excited and inspired. With so much great talent, it's nice for the public to be confronted with art and design whilst shopping. The best of both worlds you might say?!

By the way, who else is dying for ZARA to open here in Sydney!! ahhhhhh it's going to be EPIC and making a trip to the city to shop will be even more worth while! My dad is even a fan! He already has a collection of Zara shirts he'd bought overseas or got given as gifts. Jealous much?! haha I'm actually looking forward to Victoria's Secret to open soon. OH. MY. GOD!! Can you just imagine!!??


  1. I was there yesterday, westfield has really outdone themselves this time!

  2. How awesome that you will get a ZARA store soon! Awesome!


  3. god i cannot even BEGIN to tell you how excited I am for ZARA!!!
    and awesome photos girly
    (also loving the new header!)

  4. ... jealous :( Little ol' NZ gets nothing here... how lucky you are that Aussie gets shops like Zara gah

  5. we have a westfields in london and its amazing, thats really cool that you were featured in curvy! wow

  6. ..that place looks and sounds amazing ..congrats with Zara , it's the best shop ever : ) I love it ..