Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Story Behind The Black Swan/Blackswan

A while ago my mum came home all excited as she bought me this black swan ring! HA! Can you believe it?! Being a sticky-beak as all mums are at times, I caught my mum reading my blog the other day. My first reaction was "What are you doing? Are you serious!!!!??"... and then "Whyy???"... and then I eventually asked her "Do you like it? What are your thoughts?".... To be honest, I felt a little bit flattered that she'd taken an interest... or perhaps she was just snooping around as mothers do! (so if you're reading this mum, one word - BUSTED!!) :P

It is here I thought it would be appropriate to reveal the meaning behind my blog name Your Only Blackswan.

Well.. throughout my teenage years, I earned a lot of nick names. These ranged from variations of my first name Lauren = loz, lozzaaa, lozlen, loh... Others where attained from personal obssessions, stories, memorable outfits = Miranda, sunflower, night panther, blaxland, blackie, bratz doll.... Black swan however has it's own little funny story.

During an exciting and energetic game of EyeToy (yes, remember EyeToy?!!)... my super low-rise Diesel jeans I was wearing at the time did not agree with my whipping and tossing of my hair back and forth whilst I was playing Wishy-Washy (the game where you have to clean as many windows as possible)... my low-rise hipster jeans kept on riding down and my hands were too busy trying to wipe away the dirty windows.. inevitably my black g-string decided to say hello and in the heat of the game I just let it be for all my friends to see... Of course my friends brought it to my attention by yelling out "lozz, your thong!" and then one of my cheeky friends yelled out "black thong ... black swan" in reference to the Black Swan dip commercial that was popular on tv at the time. Ever since that very game of EyeToy, black swan became the most frequently used nick name for me... two words that summed me up.. and no, it was not all just about my black g-string, who would want to be known for that?! It attained multiple meanings: black swan - the girl who stood out amongst her group of friends... the girl who always like to wear all black.... the mysterious girl who may seem to be a lot of things, is in fact different when you really get to know her.... my typical split personality of being a true Gemini - one minute I can be graceful and lady like, the next a total gronk! (ha, I don't care - this is me)... and then there is my 13 years of doing ballet... it just made sense. Black swan soon became one word Blackswan in the opening lines of my birthday cards and then sometimes simplified further more to just Bswan. The bottom line is, Blackswan just stuck.

So whenever and wherever I see or hear the words Black Swan... I automatically think of EyeToy and Black Swan dip. Keeping up with the theme, here is the trailer of the highly anticipated psychological thriller, Black Swan starring Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. Judging from the trailer and reviews, looks like it will be receiving 5 stars with both Portman and Kunis being nominated for Best Lead Actress and Best Supporting Actress for the 17th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. Can't wait till it hits cinemas here in Aus!

Happy Saturday people! I hope the sun decides to come out soon, my work Christmas party is at the Bondi Surf Club tonight and I want it to be a warm and sultry night! Time to get crunk, I'll say.

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x Your Only Blackswan


  1. Hahaha, omgs this is such a funny story. I love your nickname being Blackswan, I ended up getting stuck a weird name and had no nicknames at all until I got shazza ahaha. So lame...

  2. Nice story :) nice gift and a possibly nice movie too :)

  3. Haha, i loved the story behind the name...& the rings cute too. Thanks for embedding the preview of that actually looks amazing, and amazingly scary...I instantly fb messaged it to a whole group of friends. Couldnt even stop myself covering my eyes a bit during the Preview, so I'll probably be enjoyably terrified throughout the whole thing :P
    love it :)

  4. Ahahahaha! Hilarious story! Blackswan is a cool name to have... which I had one. I would never have the guts to wear a thong... I don't think I have the butt for it haha

  5. That is one gorgeous ring!!!! And love the name.=)


  6. lol funny story and btw i am so psyched about the movie too :D
    plus the ring is gorgeous <3

  7. Love the story behind your blogname hihi!:)

  8. ..awwww..that is so sweet little present ..I like your little Blackswan story , it's always great if there is story behind ..and that is a funny story as well ..

    ..I love your blog name - it's gracious with a dash of mystery ..

  9. Great post!
    The film looks incredible! x

  10. Great ring and great story!


  11. Funny story XD
    I find it cute that your mom reads your blog! Also nice gift :3

  12. I saw the trailer for this movie the other day, who knew ballet could look so tense!


  13. lovely ring and i cannot wait to see the movie! i've heard it's amazing!

  14. Ahh I can't wait to see that movie. Your ring is immensely awesome. Every time I come on to your blog I think of that dip haha.