Sunday, December 05, 2010

A trip to the Museum!

Yesterday, Andy and I went to go visit the Australian Museum. Being a very 'tourist thing' to do, I asked myself whyyy not?! I've always wanted to go and explore what Sydney has to offer - since I live here anyway! Our first date was at the Sydney Aquarium and later on we even hopped onto a ferry and ventured to Taronga Zoo. I guess we like to do this kind of stuff.

I for once regret not visiting the Museum earlier - it is one BIG EPIC GOLDMINE full of GEMSTONES AND CRYSTALS! Andrew had to hold my hand as I could not believe my eyes - A whole room just for gemstones and crystals! I was in H.E.A.V.E.N! How could I have not known about it! So many colourful shimmering stones (not to mention some Gi-normous in size!), my eyes widened like I saw 10k magically appear in my bank account haha. If you are a big fan of raw crystals and gemstones like I am... you MUST go pay the Australian Museum a visit! Your eyes will thank you dearly;)

Here are some snaps that I have taken during my visit. I've tried to keep the overload of photos to a bare minimum, but to be honest, it was indeed difficult. So here are a 'select few' just for you!


Oh what I would do to own this amazing display! eeeeeee!! JACKPOT or what!?

My height compared to a Red Male Boxing Kangaroo!


How delicate?!

This scared the crap out of me! ahhhhh!! :S

I found this so fascinating, it's a skeleton of a tortoise.

A little bit of humour hehe

Yeeehawwww!? Ride 'em Cowboy!

An Elephant skeleton!

Just catching some rays. Eeewww!

Butterfly displays! So pretty!

The Dinosaur room!

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition was also on show, and the standard of work and photography skills were indeed amazing. With thousands of competition entries from around the world by talented amateur and professional photographers, there were a range of shots that were beautiful, awe-inspiring and yet confronting at times. From bewildering landscapes to unbelievable scenes only dependable by chance, I was truly inspired and my desire to travel and finally purchase my very own DSLR grew further more.

Here are two of my favourite photographs from the exhibition. The weight of the tiger's stare and the mother and child Hanuman langurs admiring the sunset. Just beautiful.

Tiger Stalking, Andy Rouse (United Kingdom)

Sunset Moment by Olivier Puccia (France)

If you haven't been to the Australian Museum, now would be a great time to go especially with this exhibition now running. I'm sure you'll walk away with a greater appreciation for nature and the wildlife that surrounds us... or at least get your (very) generous dose of RAW CRYSTALS and GEMSTONES! hehe

Australian Museum
6 College Street Sydney, NSW 2010 Australia
Open 9.30am to 5pm daily (except Christmas day)


  1. WOW THE CRYSTALS! They're amazing!

  2. nice post and those crystals are amazing :D


  3. wow, great photo's the crystals& the butterflies are amazing xox

  4. That looks like one amazing museum. I love their sense of humor! So much more fun than any museum I've ever been to. Haha.

  5. I love this post, all those crystal photos are too perfect!

  6. This museum looks amazing! Something I definitely have to visit if I ever go to Aussie.

  7. Wow this looks amazing! I wish I could go, I love museums like this :] Sometimes it's good to be a tourist in your own city!

  8. ,,he he he ..I believe that was HEAVEN for you : ) and I must say those crystals looks yummy somehow : )

    ..that is quite wierd because as a tourists in other countries we try to go as many places as possible but sometimes we live near something amazing but never have that thought to go there : ) that happen to me as well ..

  9. Oh oh oh!
    Do you know if the crystal display is on all the time? I think i recall it being there last time i went (in school! haha) but im not sure and now i really want to go back.
    I'm soooo going haha
    Also I'm going to link to your blog in my next post. Its about the finders keepers markets and I didnt get any photos on the day but you got heaps!


  10. that's great!
    it would be so amazing!


  11. oh my, i am going this weekend
    thanks for blogging about this