Tuesday, December 14, 2010

U2 360° Tour with Jay-Z!! oh yeaaaaa!

It seems like this year is "The Year of Concerts" for me. Within this year I've seen Britney (phenomenal - paid $350 for my ticket!!), Akon, Pitbull (OMG!!), Sean Paul, Jay Sean, Kelly Rowland, Eve (all at Supafest), The Jezabels (twice, would in fact watch each and every show), Missy Elliot (at Parklife) and now I am very pleased to say that I've seen U2 in my lifetime. When I heard U2 will be coming to Australia, I knew I had to go in a heartbeat. And when they announced Jay-Z would be their supporting act - hell yeah, it was like killing two birds with one stone! How could I not?!!! So here are some snaps from the 287 I took last night.

Czarina and I yo!

Jay-Z - Let's ride -ah- ri-ah-ah-ahhh!

The Space Station in red

The City Of Blinding Lights

360 faces

so pretty... soo enchanting... with or without youuuuu

It's a wrap!

If I was to sum up U2's performance in one word, (believe me this is hard...) I would say EPIC!! EP-PIC BABY!! Bonno is such a rockstar, and the set was amazingggg! Apparently it can be seen from space. All aboard the Space Station and take me heaven! For a split second I thought I did. Frikken-fun-tastic!! ohh.. and yea, Jay-Z was ace! Big pimping up in N.Y.C!! woooo!!!

Next on "the list" is Usher 2011 and Maroon 5 once again next May! Cannot wait!

Hope you are all having a pleasant week! Mine sure started off with a BANG! ;)


  1. amazing! hope you ahd a great time there, hun!:))))

  2. ah lucky you! and i love your tie dye top! :D


  3. in need for a big concert like it. cute top by the way :)



  4. I love your shorts! A lot of people that I work with went to this and they said it was amazing, so wish I could have been there.

    I awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award if you want to head over to my blog and check it out. (:


  5. OMG!!!! THAT ARENA LOOKS SO AWESOME!! I would of loved to see that up in space. You look great Lauren! Never realised how much concerts you went this year LOL! That's hectic.
    Looks like so much fun. :)

  6. Wow!!! cool concert!!!
    And you look great too!!!

  7. so jealous!! You've gone to see some amazing concerts! You look cute :)


  8. Ahh that looked amazing! you look gorgeous!

  9. Hello and nice to meet you too. First, I wanted to say that you are very cute. Secondly, you are also got a great style. I personally love the last post the skirt, top and shoes are so cute together (especially on you). Keep blogging and I will come in to see you again. xo Pae

  10. wowwwww amazing pictures! You're very cool and you've got beautiful legs!!! If you want follow me...I done!


  11. sounds amazing. Love your shorts and top.xx


  12. i'm jealous! i want to go to a Jay-Z concert too, i'm sure it was amazing and ur outfit is stunning. (: xx

  13. ..OMG ..those pictures are so exciting ..I CAN imagine the feeling and atmosphere there ..wow , you definately are concert champion : )

    ..and you look gorgeous as always sweetie : )

  14. wow i love your outfit :) you look great! I went to see U2 in 2006 when Kanye West were supporting. I had glandular fever at the time but they were my favourite band so there was no way i was missing out and wow they didn't disappoint! I'm guessing they were the same this time if not better - I can imagine how good they were!

    Thanks for sharing, I've been waiting to see pics!

  15. WHAT A VENUE!!!!! <3


  16. Looks like a lot of fun!The photos are amazing and I like your top so much!!


  17. you look so adorable! i love your style, definitely following!