Saturday, December 11, 2010


I am unbelievably sat-tis-fied with the current issue of Yen! Was tossing over whether to purchase Grazia or Yen at the new stand, and Yen won by a mile with it's double issue and BONUS Laneway's CD! Oh goody, talk about value!! hehe My train ride to work was indeed therapeutic and I could not wait to flip open both issues again on the commute home. I just listened to the Laneway's CD, such a breath of fresh air. Won't be able to attend the festival in February next year, but I'm already locking it in for could I not?!!

Here are some of my favourite snippets:

Tapestry dress, oh my!

Nirrimi Hankanson's feature!

Boho, hippie, 70s dressing and Billy Bride!

The Craft inspired look page... I forgot how good that movie was!

Zippora Seven (God, even her name sounds amazing!)- Major girl crush since her RUSSH editorial "I want to stay here forever" back in '08 !! She is a stunner and loving this slouchy effortless look here.

Adore the lighting here.

Knitted dress details.

Whilst writing up this post, I could not help but think which magazine is better?...... Yen or Frankie??! BOOM! Sorry, I had to throw it out there! Each of them are wonderful, content heavy magazines but what do you prefer?...... I personally like Yen's fashion spreads more, though Frankie's ability to cover every inch of every page with engaging stories, interesting product reviews and quirky cute handicrafts does count as major brownie points!

Hrrm... this is a hard one!! So guys, which one? Yen .... or Frankie?!!


  1. Love it:))))


  2. I have the old issue of yen! I loved yen, but now money needs to be conserved! LOL

  3. I am so going out to get the latest Yen now, the double issue and Laneway CD really does it for me! I like both magazines, Yen and Frankie, it's definitely a tough choice. :)

  4. Great post lady xx

    Yen for myself :)

  5. I like both! But one of them (can't remember which) has a lot of artsy crap in it which I find boring LOL.

    F. ( x

  6. I've always been more a Yen girl myself because I think Frankie can be a bit too hipster for me...but you're totally right- there is a lot more content in Frankie in terms of their tendency to cover every page with writing! I like Yen for the inspirational photos but Frankie for the articles, which are usually really well written! I'm so going to go out and buy Yen after this post! And thank you for commenting on my blog, means soo much- your blog is really one of my favourites! x x x