Sunday, October 31, 2010


Wearing: Levi's denim jacket (vintage ebay), maxi skirt (vintage), belt (vintage), clogs and sunglasses (Rubi), clear quartz pendant necklace, raw crystal and gemstone rings (made by me).

I can't believe how relaxing this weekend has been for me. Considering how hectic my work week has been, I literally came home, ate dinner and hit the sack when I got home on Friday night. I've been designing something quite big at work, and when I mean big, I'm referring to big as in "big deal" AND "big in physical size". I can't reveal to you what it is at the moment, but let's just say Sydney commuters/pedestrians will probably catch a glimpse of it soon enough!

Over the weekend, I finally had the chance to watch Eat Pray Love and throughout the movie I could not help but think HOLIDAY HOLIDAY HOLIDAY! Don't know about you, but it made me re-assess my life, wants, dreams and most of all, my growing desire to travel as much as I can. With a good dose of retail therapy afterwards, I treated myself to a bunch of new shoes and sandals. Yay!

On a different MORE EXCITING note! - I just found out that my neighbour who lives directly in front of me is in fact another blogger herself! Introducing, Thu from Original Number. We have been neighbours ever since she was in primary school, and now at 17 I wouldn't of have the slightest idea that she too had her very own blogspot, or let alone similar interests if she didn't walk across the road and asked me straight up "Do you have a fashion blog?!!", whilst I was taking outfit photos. ABSOLUTE - ONE-HECK-OF-A-SMALL-WORLD CRAZYYY!!!

Despite the awkward confirmation that I did, we immediately clicked and she offered to take my pictures for me instead. So here they are! She did a great job didn't she! I invited her to come over and we spent a good while getting to know each other and showing each of our blogs and favourite sites. Did I feel like an overly-excited teenager back in the day? YES! Big shout out to my new blogger friend Thu! :D I hope you like the ring I made you? ;)

Go ahead and visit her page! I'm sure this won't be the only time I will be mentioning Thu and our "new" blogger friendship haha.

I've been playing this on repeat - Dark Storm by The Jezabels. Hayley's voice is beyond enchanting, hallowing, swooning and just breathtaking really. If you haven't noticed, I am a massive fan and will be watching them again at their concert next week. If you haven't heard their music yet, I advise you do - so press PLAY, sit back and take it all in.

Happy Halloween people!

x Your Only Blackswan

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

R I N G | M E

Here are the results of the rings I made over the weekend. And ta-daaaaaa, the anticipated amethyst crystal cluster that I've successfully turned into a ring! Yes! Mission complete! After spending a solid 15 minutes reading the labels of every super glue in sight at Bunnings and finding an old watch battery, I've managed to turn this $8 market steal into my very own cluster ring. And at a hell-lot cheaper than the designer $180-250+ ones I've seen around. Literally a "knock-out" piece, I'm sure a swing to the head will cause considerable damage in the unlikely event I get into a catfight or have to defend myself from an intruder. I hereby strongly emphasize the word "unlikely" and actually would rather replace it with "hypothetical" haha. Though, who said either of the two is a laughing matter. I'll also take back "haha".

Back to the topic! - I am rather pleased with the result of my cluster ring and is looking forward to wearing it with minimal or yet no other jewellery/accessories at all.

Clear Quartz crystal ring! Wore this darling today and I couldn't help but stare at it on the way home.

How refreshing is this aqua colour! The size is great too for everyday.

Ring mix! BOOM!

I told you I kind of went "ring crazy". These red desert colour stones are such a great size and their shape and textures make them look quite organic and earthy don't you think? Something different to the other luminous crystal stones. I think my new favourites are the smaller purple ones. You can't help but study the bands of colour and I'm growing quite fond of the purple white-tipped one in particular.

My sister and I happened to find our old gemstone collection we had when we were kids. There was this gemstone pit in Darling Harbour where you could purchase see-through bags of different sizes and then fill up the bag with whatever stones that took your fancy. It was literally like a ball-pit, but replace those primary-coloured balls with gemstones!! CRAZYYY! We would be there for an hour or so, crouching in our denim overalls carefully scouring through the pit in search for a "pretty stone" and than empty our bags as soon as we got home, choose our favourites or swap one for another! I don't think that place is there anymore... maybe they ran out of stones? If it was, I'll be there in flash - chucking an Asian-squat trying to fill 5 see-through bags instead of just one. Oh how your childhood still manages to catch up with you?! Nothing's changed! hehe

I'm seriously thinking of making a whole bunch rings and start selling them?! Yay, or nay?!

x Your Only Blackswan

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Print It!

Wearing: printed skirt (thrifted $6!!!), singlet (supre), hot air balloon & airplane charm necklace (Glebe Markets) and various accessories.

[Photos by my sister's bf Alvaro Malmierca, funny that! My sister Kassy takes most of my outfit pics, but this time Alvaro stepped up to the plate! Thanks Alvaro!]

I'm loving the length of this skirt - it's not long enough to be a maxi but not too short that it reveals your knees in that awkward 3/4 skirt manner. With it's abstract bold print, I opted for a more simple approach and sported a basic white singlet and minimal jewellery than usual. I felt a whole new sense of freedom being able to bare my arms and underpits with sun being out all day - there wasn't even a cool breeze and the absence of goosebumps on my considerably pastey legs proved as a good sign the weather would indeed be looking up from now on. Though, yesterday's weather was just only a tease! Today it was all grey, gloomy and raining. You think Mother Nature has bi-polar or something?!! :O

Yesterday we celebrated my Dad's 54th Birthday, and per usual we had a classic BBQ lunch. Mum and Dad even cooked barramundi! :D YUM YUM food for my tum! Good thing I picked out this skirt to wear - being highwaisted, pleated and the bold print hiding my tummy, I was able to eat as much as I want (not like anything would stop me anyway hehe)

Looking forward to more days like these - backyard BBQs, picnics and baring more skin! I'm in desperate need for some Vitamin D. But knowing me, I'll go 4 shades darker in less than 20 minutes during a serious sunbathing session :S

I also had the chance to finally make my crystal cluster ring and whilst at it, found my old mini treasure chest full off old gemstones that I collected when I was child. You could say I went "ring crazy", super-gluing any suitable stone to my ring bases I've neglected for while. Will share the results with you soon!

x Your Only Blackswan

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ben Frost and James Jirat Art Exhibition

These photos are a tad delayed, but what the hell, better late than never right?! After Glebe Markets last Saturday, my friend and I decided to check out the Ben Frost and James Jirat exhibition down at Redfern's Boutwell Draper Gallery. Being exposed to Ben Frost's infamous pop-culture mash-up style during university and having him as our Guest Speaker at our graduation exhibition, it was nice to finally see a full collection of his work up close and in the flesh. With all the bright primary colours and recognisable characters of both the comic and animation world, I couldn't help but to laugh, giggle, smirk and sometimes pause for while and go back to my graduating exhibition where Frost's opening speech was about lawn mowers and cats.

After spotting the main featured piece "Killer Love" (artwork above) had been "SOLD" indicated with the sign of a red dot, I wondered how much that person paid to get their very own heavily layered slice of Ben Frost. Will they showcase it in their foyer greeting their guests with a boom of bright colours, or hang it above their Barcelona couch in their newly renovated warehouse style apartment. Hrrmm??... I think the later.

I paused longer than normal when viewing this piece above. Talk about 'pussy'?! How charming! :O

Get Frosted!


Titled: "She never cared much for heavy Metal"... haha!

And here are some snaps of the amazing detailed handywork of
James Jirat Patradoon.

With scenes that look they have been derived from a SinCity tale, his villain subjects and masked bandits are executed brilliantly and frozen in climatic situations through his use of graphite on canvas. The decision to reject colour was beneficial as his works continued to grow more visually complex. Seeing the detail in his work blew my mind, you could then really realise the amount of hours dedicated towards each piece AND the annoyance of having to wash your silvery, graphite hands after a 2 hour session of continual drawing and sketching! I always hated then when using graphite or even worse charcoal back in art class. Arrhh!

My personal favourite of Jirat is his "Die and Begotten" piece above. The studded leather jacket screams Michael Jackson's Thriller!

It was pleasant way to end off the day - Nothing beats visiting the markets, shopping, thrifting and then feasting your eyes on some visual arty goodness!

For more upcoming exhibitions and info on the Boutwell Draper Gallery, click here.

On a different note, today we celebrated my dad's 54th birthday with a BBQ lunch and yummy fish! I can see there just might be some left overs for tomorrow! haha

Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend! The sun has been out and it's starting to look more like spring! F I N A L L Y!

x Your Only Blackswan

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crystal clusters, Markets and Thrift!

Here are some snaps from Glebe Markets on Saturday! You should of seen my eyes lit up when I came across this table full of crystals and gemstones!! I blame the flickering light that lured me in! Did I hit the jackpot? umm..... yes! Was talking to the stall owner for quite sometime, found out she makes jewellery out of the stones and crystals that she collects then suddenly a lightbulb went *ting!* *ting!* *ting!* in my head! " I still have a whole bag of ring bases at home!"

After a thorough examination, I purchased a little baby.... can you guess which one? ....


My heart sunk a little when I saw these bracelets! ohhhh!

Leather goodness!

These are tooo cute!! I love the watermelon one!

Zines! Zines! Zines!

When I have my own place, I want one of these old window photo frames! A sucker for 'rustic charm'?!

Picked up this ring for $6! Did someone say hoot hoot?!

Close-up detail of canvas tote.


I chose this Amethyst crystal cluster out of the lot! And got it for only 8 buckeroos!!

....Do you like?!

You could say something like this went through my head the very second I laid eyes on the baby:

OMG crystals! + OMG ameythst! + MY BAG FULL OF RING BASES!! + tomorrow get super glue! = My very own crystal cluster ring!

To be honest, I have so many things gathering up dust in my room that still need to be customised or transformed into something new!

Here is a "pretend shot" of what the ring would look like in the end! Now that's what you call a 'statement piece'! Don't think it would be a good idea to team it up with my Amethyst pendant necklace ay? Is there such a thing as too much crystal??!! Hrmm. What the heck!

I really need to stop buying stuff off ebay. My watching list is seriously getting out of control. Last week I 'Won' this vintage Levi's denim jacket - I can see it being a family heirloom....Well I'd like to think so. It is Levi's after all!

Another goodie I scored off ebay was the gorgeous beige and black trimmed blouse from Ezzentric Topz Vintage. When I saw it I fell in love, the sharp crisp colour and gold button details on the front pocket flaps and cuffs made it even more perfect! Been wanting to wear it tucked into these cute culottes/skort shorts I have, or maybe high-waisted jeans? Just waiting for the weather to be just right. I BIG shout out to Twee from Ezzentric Topz Vintage! You must go and have a look at her store if you haven't already.

After Glebe Markets we went to pay a visit to the nearby op-shops and thrift stores. After a lengthy "Yes or No?" game in the changerooms, I came out with the embroided denim number, bohemian-inspired throwover and my favourite - this China porcelain print blouse! The print is heavenly, I could not believe my luck when I saw it amongst the racks.

Last but not least, I had to get my hands on some maxi skirts. Eating as much as I want without care for the enlarged-tight tummy post meal and chucking leg spreads underneath the office desk were my main incentives for purchasing one! These amazing prints however did help in swaying my decision to get them ;)

Some major retail therapy you see? Quite so. Until next month, I refrain myself from buying any more vintage, accessories, or crystals.

Though, I'm sure all of these won't round up to the amount I spent for USHER tickets for my sister and I. YES! USHER O.M.G 2011 TOUR is LOCKED IN!! and GOLD SEATING!! ahhhhhhhHHH!! absolutely gonna be off-da-hook! Usher, "The Next Michael Jackson?" Let's just say, Section 9 will be going crazzzyyyyyy! :D

Hope you all are having a wonderful day so far, mine was a bit blaahhhh at start, but with this news, it definitely made my day a gazillion times better.

x Your Only Blackswan