Sunday, January 02, 2011

And so this is Christmas...!

I would like to excuse me from being M.I.A since the first few weeks of December. It's the holiday season and I decided to give the blog a well deserved break (which was mainly for me) - there's no fun being stuck behind the computer when there's so much food, fun and festivities to attend to and memories to create. I have however been snapping away amongst it all, so here are a bunch of photos from Christmas 2010. We normally head to Bathurst for Christmas, but for 2010 we had a change of scene and spent it at my uncle's who lives in Breakfast Point. A big family feast, lounging around on the patio balcony and then watching Milo and Otis which was crazy cute! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and scored well in the pressie department! xox

My Christmas day outfit

Champers and mixed platter

Bon bons and presents

Sister Kassy, Mum and I

The view from the patio/balcony

Summer dresses
None the Richer dress that I won through a giveaway! Thanks Uly!

None the Richer ring

I was more into wanting books for Christmas. Something to feed my soul other honey ham and walnut slice. I received three - "Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite", "The Virgin Suicides" and one of the most amazing heartfelt presents I've ever received - "Desert Haze" - a fully professional bound book of the photoshoot Czarina Clemente and I produced earlier in the year.

I could not believe my eyes when I peeled back the wrapping paper and saw the familiar bark texture that covered the book. Almost bringing a tear to my eyes, I was more than bewildered at what I saw. I never really thought of presenting the photoshoot in book form, but as soon as I was turning the pages I soon realised Czarina envisaged this result from the very beginning. Cheeky and genius, Czarina I love you! She also had one made for herself which definitely beats the standard black folio presented at job interviews. Head to to make your very own book. From hard backs to paper jackets, you can do just about anything!

To see the whole shoot DESERT HAZE, click here

Turquoise stone watch and bracelet.

Another swan ring my mum got me. She's so cute!

Smirnoff pack courtesy of

"Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite" by Paul Arden. If you ever come across it, be sure to pick it up and have a flick through. I can guarantee you that it will either confront you off guard, question your past motives, laugh a little and tell you to 'live' more.

Being a creative individual, my favourite piece of advice from the book is this:

My cat Chelsea is not used to having everyone home at the same time for a long time. She makes everyone smile despite whatever mood you're in. She turns 6 this new year!

The weather has sure been heating up and it definitely feels like the holiday season. With only a couple days left before I face reality again, I'm taking the advantage and hitting the gym to work off all the food and alcohol. Come catch me on Twitter here while I sweat it out on the treadmill.

x Your Only Blackswan


  1. Looks like you got some amazing pressies! I am just about to post my christmas post too, sooo late! haha
    Love your shoes!


  2. Love the dress your wearing and looks like you had the perfect Christmas x

  3. happy new year!!

    i am totally jealous of your christmas day dress - its gorgeous!!

    Come and enter my very first giveaway if you like...
    xx Christie

  4. Wow you got some awsome presents! And I love that dress you wore for christmas so bad!
    Oh and that vieuw from the patio made me soo jealous! Maybe we can switch haha. Here there was a lot of snow, only it melted down yesterday.

  5. looks like you got soma great presents and had a lovely time with your family! and what a cuuute cat ^^

    xxx Charlie
    Feminine Bravery

  6. I love your dress!! And I still can't get over that Desert Haze book. :$
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Love you. xx

  7. What an amazing haul, you did so well and I am loving the looks of those amazing books they look really interesting and that dress is absolutely stunning on you!

    I love none the richer!

  8. ..hey sweetie ..what a gorgeous presents ..and I must say - your dress is amazing , you look like a princess ..already for a while I wan't that style cut dress for myself , since I saw Jemma in Balmain

    ..looks like you had a great Christmas ..I love that shoot album ..what a beautiful gift ..

  9. where is your dress from?

  10. @anonymous:

    hi there!

    i got my dress from this store near Central Station... most of the time they have some really nice pieces and super cheap! :)