Thursday, January 27, 2011


2threads asked me what beach fashion and style means to me. There are only 3 'beach-musts' that come to my mind: a GREAT bikini, comfy pull-over and sunscreen! With the weather being so hot lately, you can finally say its summer here in Australia! Over the weekend I headed to Maroubra beach, being a favourite amongst us Sydney-siders. The sun was shining and I was able to sport these free Witchery Cat Eye sunnies that came with this month's issue of Marie Claire! They are the perfect pair of sunnies for the beach, and considering they were free I didn't feel all to cautious about loosing them.

Apart from my top 3 picks for the beach, they are only the absolute minimum to be "beach ready". Sourcing some of my own personal pieces and a few wishlist items, here is a little mood-board I've put together highlighting all the necessities for a visit to the beach.

Clockwise from left:

crocheted pull over (my own). This vibrant piece is perfect to chunk on over a wet bikini. The holes allow you to breath and dry off without being too over exposed and crochet itself screams everything SUMMER!

embellished bikini (my own). Swimwear should be fun! And this bikini from Victoria Secret's is definitely one of my favourites. The cut of the triangles is very flattering and the embellishment adds a dose of glamour and the exotic to this fun 2-piece. The number one thing about bikinis is that you have to 100% LOVE the one you're wearing. Take the effort to find one that's perfect for you and your body shape. You don't want to be paranoid about sand wedgies or your boob popping out post-wave - you'd want to feel confident that everything is going to stay in place - nothing should stop you from enjoying the sand or surf!

big floppy hat (polyvore). Protection from the sun is mandatory when visiting the beach or staying out in the sun for a period of time. A hat like this one is great in providing coverage to the face and shoulders and ideal to use as a "sun-blocker" when lying down sunbaking.

cat eye sunglasses (polyvore). Sunnies are vital in reducing the effect of UV rays to your eyes and even prevent sand from getting into your eyes when it's windy. Cat eye styled sunnies are my favourite at the moment, they add a sense of 50's glamour and there are many variations out there to suit almost any face shape.

denim cut-offs (google). Comfy denim cut-offs are perfect in taking your bikini look to the street. Whether you're off to grab a Paddle Pop or some fish and chips, these distressed, worn-in frayed babies will be your ultimate summer essential.

Havaianas (my own). Havaianas, tell me... who doesn't own a pair or 2? Being the iconic flip-flops of our time, you can always trust they will save you from the boiling hot bitumen as you run back to the car for your forgotten book or that extra 20c for that overpriced Paddle Pop. This slim line style is one of the many new variations to hit the stores.

beach towel (Canningvale). Apart from the design of the beach towel, the most important factor is the size. Make sure it is super long and wide! Nothing is worst then having your wet hair touch the sand because it is too short in length. I like big bold stripes!

sunscreen (Le Tan). Must be 30+ SPF and apply ALL OVER. Ensure every inch of your body is covered with sunscreen! You don't want to risk getting sunburnt and looking like a red lobster at the end of the day or worse. Always re-apply, especially if you've been in the water for long. I like the spray bottles, they're more fun to apply!

a good read (Lolita, Penguin Books). Whatever tickles your fancy, a good read would do justice in helping you unwind and relax. I've been wanting to read Lolita. This will be my next purchase at Borders.

beach bag (Seafolly). You need a big enough bag to carry all the above! This straw number from Seafolly should do the trick. Large enough to carry even two towels, you'd also want easy access to your belongings without having to empty all the contents.

One of my goals this summer was to visit the beach as often as I could. With the weather currently on my side, I'm sure there will be another visit soon! Not only did I catch some rays that day but I also got stung by a blue bottle!! CRAZY RIGHT??!! ;( Both Andrew and I did and left the beach nursing our stings with ice bags. It stung like hell and lingered for over an hour, but I guess that's Mother Nature for you! BIG boohoo!

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x Your Only Blackswan

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  1. I love these pictures!!! You look great. xx

  2. lovely post hun! Wish the weather was as beautiful in melbourne. I miss beach weather!


  3. I so want summer back!

  4. wow.. I really love the pics,. the beach is amazing!!

  5. Man I wish I could go to a hot beach...its snowing here in NYC..great photos visit me soon

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  6. Love the pics! Your bikini is awsome and the beach looks so beautiful! Wish we had weather like that ove rhere!:(

  7. I love this post! brilliant list of beach essentials, i agree with all of them and its making me feel very jealous seeing as january is certainly not beach faring weather in the northern hemisphere!! :(

  8. that blue knit is amazing xxx

  9. oh i can't wait until the beach @ the gold coast: ) it better be shining all week, though the weather report isn't looking too good!

  10. biknis and hav's - you can never have enough of either! long with yes sun screen total aussie summer esentials. perfect post beb!

  11. These are gorgeous photos and what a great bikini body! I'm going to be beaching it up in Bali from tomorrow so this post has got me thinking! Love it! x x x

  12. love your list! and i have the same bikini in pink but i love it in blue, too!!