Sunday, January 02, 2011

NYE 2010 - Let's end it with a B.A.N.G!!

Bringing down 2010 with Cosmopolitans, Kirribilli rooftop views and some of the most amazing fireworks I've seen to date. Andrew and I spent New Year's Eve as his brother's place in Kirribilli where we got to watch the fireworks from their apartment rooftop - it was perfect! From the rooftop we had a full view of the harbour and a decent view of the Harbour Bridge and tall sky scrapers. The fireworks were amazing, everyone was "ooooing" and "ahhh-ing" as each firework went off. So many pretty explosions and glittering fade-outs, the Harbour Bridge showed us a smiley face and an 'X' to mark the spot or yet represent the Roman numeral for the number 10.

An impressive selection of cocktails where being made at "Damo's bar", and after watching all the episodes right through Season 1-6 and both feature movies of Sex and the City this year - I finally had my first Cosmopolitan! Watch out Samantha, I'm ending 2010 SATC style! ;) Let's just say the Cosmos kept on coming and I even made an attempt at making one. Note to self - buy a cocktail shaker hehe

In our efforts to get back over the bridge to Sydney CBD, Milson's Point Station was chock-a-block leaving us with the only option to walk over the bridge back to the city. I'd never walked the bridge before - so yes, I saw the 5km walk as fun! :) The snapshot of the hi-5 hand on the Harbour Bridge above (which I think it's suppose to resemble) was taken when we reached half way. People were in an upbeat mood and you could definitely feel the positive energy in the air. When we finally reached the CBD, most of the roads were closed and everyone was walking a stray like it was the end of the world. Pretty funny if I say so myself.

So much has happened in '10 I can't believe all of it squeezed in just 365 days! Being one of the most important and crucial years for me, I have learned a great deal and took with me a much clearer direction of where I want to be and who I want to become in 2011. Cheers to a new year and blank canvas. May all your goals and wishes be fulfilled! I've got a feeling 2011 will be a good year - but I guess we will just have to wait and see. In the mean time - live in the now, but remember to keep your dreams near and never give up.

Happy New Year lovelies!


  1. beautiful firework photos!! happy new year!!

  2. It really was the most amazing fireworks ever, Rhoda Roberts did a good job. Too bad about the smoke at the end though :)

  3. Fabulous photographs!! :) I was around Waverton and the view was amazing! So hard to get home though, as the trains were all packed!!
    Hannah x

  4. WOW - yeah we know cotte. Thats def a small world. My husband either went to high school with him or met him through soccer.... something like that. we went out for christmas gettogether dinner with him the other week.


  5. Happy New Year! Beuatiful photos and I like your lipstick!!!


  6. Beautiful :))))))


  7. cool pictures! i really want to do sydney on nye one day.
    & i can only imagine how cool & the atmosphere of walking back over the bridge to get home.. big night i imagine too?x

  8. Beautiful photos, Happy New Year!

  9. Talk about ending the year in style! Cosmos, cocktails, fireworks an amazing company... Beats my drunken evening I still had a great time but you looked like you enjoyed youself so much more!

    Happy new year gorgeous!

  10. Sydney looks amazing xx

  11. ..all the best for you sweetie in the New Year ..may all your wishes come true , a lot of inspiration , a lot of love and be loved ..