Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thai Story

For my birthday last year, Andrew bought me a gift certificate to attend a cooking class at the Sydney Seafood School located at the Sydney Fish Market. With only my mum's favourite stir fry and bolognese pasta under my very small "dishes I can cook" belt, this was a perfect opportunity to expand my skills in the kitchen. The cuisine of choice? Thai of course! Thinking that I'll walk away as a master of Pad Thai, I did manage to cook a delicious, "just right" Dtom Yam Goong (Hot and Sour Prawn Soup).

The class begun with a comprehensive demonstration, where the teaching chef explained to us the three main fundamentals flavours of Thai cooking: sweet, sour, hot and salty. Soon after we were thrown into the deep end and was placed into groups to recreate everything we just saw before!

On the menu:

Dtom Yam Goong (Hot and Sour Prawn Soup)
Which I was in charge of - the result? Superb! I was pretty surprised myself :D

Geng Dtaeng Pla (Red Curry of Fish)
We learned how to make red curry paste from scratch. I really want to nail this in my own kitchen!

Yam Pla Meuk (Grilled Squid Salad)
I find Thai salads are my favourite! They're always so fresh and the flavours are so tantalizing on the palette

Tort Man Pla (Thai Fish Cakes)
The second dish of which I attempted! - the result? yum yum!

After we finished cooking, we were to eat our meal with the people we cooked it with. This was by far rewarding and everyone in my group was pleased with the results! With Grenache Rose for the drink, each of the dishes complimented each other as our tastebuds yearned for more.

The whole experience was very uplifting and my love for Thai food certainly triumphed! Though at times I felt self doubtful and scared I wasn't able to pull it off, I went by my instincts and in the end, walaaaaaaaa! We had delicious and AUTHENTIC Thai food to eat and enjoy!

In the dining room, I could not help but to be distracted by the lights! Aren't they amazing or what! Hundreds of light bulbs (as if they were fish) all captured in a fishing net that hung from the ceiling! BRILLIANT! What a neat idea and suited the ambiance so well!

For more information on the Sydney Seafood School and the cooking classes on offer, head here. I strongly recommend going to one, not only will you acquire new skills, but you will walk away more confident and beaming to cook more!

Sydney Seafood School
(located at the Sydney Fish Market)
Bank Street,
Pyrmont 2009 NSW

ph: (02) 9004 1100

Ps. Happy Australia Day fellow Aussies! Hope you had a wonderful fun-filled day and managed to cool off some how! Today was such a scorcher and still is!


  1. ..what a great gift , I think it's something special and you will always have thoser fun cooking memories :)
    ..mmmm ..that soup sounds delicious , I love Thai and Chinese Food but it's a shame I can't cook it - especially my fav egg fried rice ..

    ..that kitchen and restaurant looks outstanding , and wow what a great idea for a light ..

  2. Happy Australia Day!

    These photos are all so vibrant. I definitely agree with you about Thai salads! Yum yum!

  3. What an experience and that food looks amazing!!!! Lucky duck:-)

    xo whendecadescollide

  4. Wow really neat photos and that food looks amazing

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  5. Looks fantastic! What a wonderful present :)


  6. Happy Australiam day to you too. (Sorry 1 day late) Yam Pla Meuk (Grilled Squid Salad)is one of the menu I always cook for my husband. In winter I suggest squid stuffed with pork soup. very nice