Sunday, February 13, 2011


What I've been obsessing this week:

1. White crocheted knitted top - Wild Hearts Vintage. One of the darling pieces I received from the lovely La-nee, owner of vintage boutique Wild Hearts Vintage. I love the delicate details and the scalloped edging.

2. My key collection necklace - gifted. The perfect kind of necklace to throw on in a rush. Sometimes I imagine what kind of stories are behind each key. Oh the possibilities!

3. Velvet high-waisted skirt - American Apparel. My new wardrobe staple. Team it up with a pin-stripe blazer and printed tee or a loose blouse tucked in with thigh-high socks. AA eat your heart out.

4. Woven cream brogues - Zu. A $30 bargain I could not resist! With it's interesting weave and neutral shade, I find they easily go with any outfit and are so lightweight. I literally have a spring in my step and have not taken them off all week :)

5. The other details - white Rayban sunnies, GUESS? bracelet and clear quartz ring. The Raybans are vintage, the bracelet was a chain from one of my old Guess bags and the ring I made here.

6. Levi's denim jacket - vintage. With the weather playing up like a child chucking a tantrum at the supermarket, you seriously don't know what to expect with Mother Nature nowadays. My trusty Levi's jacket has assured me that much needed warmth whenever the weather has turned grey.

7. In the bag: satchel bag, Gucci by Gucci and Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen. This satchel bag is another piece from Wild Hearts Vintage. The deep auburn brown reminds me of autumn and this book has got me tearing my hair out or letting out a chuckle ever since I first started reading it. Let me tell you, it's a difficult read and far from what I expected when I read the back blurb.(Don't think it would be everyone's cup of tea) Right now, I am hesitant to continue reading. Please give us a hell if you've read it and think I should finish it or just put it down. It would be much appreciated x

8. Coconut juice: my liquid gold. I wish the palm trees in my backyard were the kind that grew coconuts. Then I can say "sipping on SUPER FRESH coconut juice!!"

9. Phi Phi Island, Thailand - heaven on earth. In April I will be going to Thailand for a much needed and well earned holiday. I just recently picked up my tickets and I'm thrilled to say that everything ie. flights, accommodation, transfers, tours etc are LOCKED IN!! I will be visiting Bangkok, Phuket and Phi Phi Island - has anyone else been to Thailand? All I have left now is the countdown till I feel my feet hit Thai sand.

Hope your week has been a pleasant one and not too stressful.

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  1. Oh my god, congrats on booking your tickets and everything. Coconut juice is just... pure love for me. I have loved everything coconut flavoured since forever! And your necklace is cute - could go with any outfit really.

  2. i love this post!
    Love that key necklace (now going to collect keys!) and im also a big fan of coconut juice Yummmmm


  3. Coconut juice!!! Damn I love that stuff. Crochet pull over and that old Levi jacket are so perfect x

  4. WOW, that beach looks amazing! Am very jealous of your soon to be holiday. And the velevet skirt, true, that is a staple...
    It would be mine

  5. wwwwow ! i love the White crocheted knitted top

  6. oh yes, the keys have such a romantic feel.. congrats on booking for thailand, i havent been on holiday for 2 years, im so jealous :) my sister's been, she said its breathtaking x

  7. like everything !

  8. Ahhh i loveee the crochet top and skirt, they're perfect for each other!

  9. So much amazingness - I really don't know where to start! Have a super fun time on your Thailand trip!

  10. man! I love your satchel :D :D

  11. you are so lucky to go to Thailand!that's is definitely one of my life's dreams:)

  12. Love all the pieces,especially that beaautiful necklace!


  13. I like everything !
    Look my blog and follow me if you want xxx

  14. wheres the name dopping at ;)
    heart you blackswan xx

  15. lovin your obsessions x

    the sydney girl

  16. You have an amazing holiday ahead. Wow! I spent a month in Thailand a couple of summers ago and it was/is one of the most amazing experience of my life to date. And one of the BEST shopping I have ever had the pleasure to engage in! If you are in Bangkok for more than a couple of days I would suggest you devote at least 6hrs to shop Siam Square.

    Also, once you get down to the south, it is as beautiful as any exotic island you could mention!

    You are going to have a blast! Come back and tell us all about it :)