Sunday, February 06, 2011

Who's that face?

Hi lovelies, I'm back from Bathurst - and boy oh boy was it a scorcher inland! No sea breeze here, or any in particular. We stayed at a motel overnight and it turned out to be one of those old chatty ones you see in movies. You could say it was shocker at first, though as my sister's boyfriend said "this makes it fun", we still didn't walk barefooted in the room. I'm not being a whinger here, but I guess you can only appreciate the luxury of 5-star if you've experienced half a star (does that grading even exist?!!) Speaking of hotel grading - my Thailand holiday has been booked and locked in for April this year! EXCITED is not even the word I'm feeling right now. Thailand has been my next holiday destination for ages and I've already read this Lonely Planet booklet on Thailand I have front to back. Being a popular holiday destination, has anyone else been to Thailand and could offer some useful shopping/markets tips?? Or any suggestions on secret/favourite food stalls and restaurants worth visiting? I will be staying in Bangkok and Phuket during my trip.

Counting down the days till I fly to the "Land Of Smiles".

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x Your Only Blackswan


  1. Wow these pics are so stunning! Cool you are going to Thailand, I've never been there before, but always hear good stories about it :)

  2. wow how cool that you are going to thailand! I have never been there...yet :)


  3. I love the light in these photos, they turned out really good! x

  4. Loving the photos, the shadows look so good! I spy a floppy hat and pair of cut offs, summer perfect. oh well at least you weren't freezing and stuck inside the shitty hotel room ;)

  5. LOVE these shots! So beautiful.
    xo Cara