Monday, April 25, 2011


Hello everyone and Happy Easter!

I am now back from my Thailand trip and trying to overcome the annoying jet lag! Since I have returned home, I've been wide awake when the rest of the family are asleep. Even though Thai time is 3 hours behind Australian time, I find myself nodding off for an afternoon nap and then feeling restless when it's suppose to be bedtime. Boohoo! You can say I went quite crazy with my SLR and waterproof camera during my time in Thailand. I managed to go through 3 memory cards, so I guess that speaks for itself. Here I have filtered through my overflowing load of photos (which has indeed been a mission) and chosen a selection of what I felt best communicated my experiences in this wonderful country called Thailand - the land of smiles.

Be prepared for a solid run of posts and videos (yes, moving pictures this time!) throughout the upcoming days.

For my first post, here are some snaps of our departure from Sydney and arrival in Bangkok. I cannot forget the moment I set foot out of the well-conditioned Suvarnabhumi Airport and immediately felt the thick humidity of Bangkok air strike me in the face and made me break a sweat in an instant. I now knew then the true definition of 'humid'. Hahaha

Early morning fight

Flight info

Mid-air - Go Thai Airways!

Touch down at Suvarnabhumi Airport

First transfer car to the hotel

Care for a Pepsi?

Second transfer car to the hotel.

Rooftop view from our hotel - The Grand China Princess, Chinatown Bangkok

Wearing: Floral sleeveless button-up top (Supre), vintage Levi's denim cut-offs (Glebe Markets), my super-comfy slipons (Best n Less) and Rayban Wayfarers.

Being my first post on Thailand, I cannot refrain myself from expressing my admiration and love for the country and it's people. Thai people are very friendly and welcoming and I'm very happy to say I was at complete ease walking through the streets of Bangkok greeting "Sawadee ka" (hello!) to locals and stallholders. My good friend Czarina and I learnt a decent amount of Thai from her Lonely Planet on the way there and tried our best to speak it as much as we could. Though both of us are of Filipino nationality, everyone thought we were both Thai and we could not help but to milk it for all it's worth ;) SAME SAME? Perhaps so for our time in Thailand hehehe.

MORE posts to come - Chinatown Bangkok is up next! Definitely one of my favourite places in Bangkok. Miss it already.

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  1. lovee these pics! thailand looks amazing!! and that floral top you're wearing is pretty awesome :)

  2. look like you had a great time! I already follow you and love your blog, but feel free to follow me if you like! xxx

  3. love the look!

  4. great photos!!!! looks like you had fun! happy easter to you too! :)

  5. Wow! What amazing photography, that sounds like such a fun trip. I wish I could go somewhere far away.. I like your outfit! cute shorts :)

  6. Lovely pictures, amazing view and cute outfit! xoxo

  7. waw i love this outfit, flower power

  8. love those shorts hun! my dad is moving over to thailand next year... excuse to visit :)

  9. cute outfit

  10. ohhh it sounds like you had a blast dear! kinda jealous haha :P

    cannot wait to see all the photos though, so keep them coming! xxx