Thursday, April 07, 2011


ONLY 3 more days till Thailand and it's really starting to hit me! The weather has been quite crappy here in Sydney so I'm very much looking forward to the humidity, sun and sweat in the tropics. Lucky for me Supre had one MEGA BABY of a sale and I couldn't help but to grab ahhh let's just say - A WHOLE HEAP of summer tanks, graphic shorts, skirts and loose tops. Thank you Supre for the super fast delivery too!! I actually made 2 orders throughout the duration of the sale - how can you not resist $1 items!

Here are a few of my favourite pieces! Please excuse the 'luvo' bedroom pics again. I've been so busy lately it almost seems impossible to find time for proper outfit posts. For those who haven't seen me with no make up and unbrushed hair - well, now you will. Please be nice ;)

I am absolutely smitten over the sequinned cropped singlet above! I am hoping to wear it to a beach party in Phuket if there are any - fingers crossed! hehe

I will have to end the post here as it is way past my bedtime and with daylight savings no longer with us, I've become so exhausted when it hits 8:30pm (AET)

One place I will be visiting in Bangkok is the Damnoen Saduk Floating Markets! I can smell all the spices and exotic foods and hear the haggling already. Thailand - I am coming for you!

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  1. oh wow! have fun in thailand. isn't supre the best? i just spent like 3hours browsing their online store yesterday
    lovely outfits

  2. gorgeous outfits!! i too am smitten by the sequined top!! it looks amazing on you <3 hope you get to go the beach!!

  3. OMG! you're coming to Thailand!!! (>w<)!!!

  4. Love that sequin top and retro print dress.

    Miss Bias

  5. Beautiful smile in that last photo of you. There should definitely be more smiles on here. :)

    Have fun, hopefully catch up once you're back.

    renewvintage is giving away

  6. all the pieces are so beautiful!!! looks amazing on you!

  7. Like the flower skirt, so cute! ♥

  8. Great pieces! I love the navajo inspired shorts!!

  9. love all your purchases! great, colorful stuff! that last photo is really incredible thouh it makes me want to visit so bad.