Wednesday, April 27, 2011


For my first on-screen appearance (yes really!), here is a video I've put together capturing our water fight fun during the Songkran - Thai New Year Festival. Go on - click play! Hope you all enjoy it?!...

Our stay in Bangkok coincided with Thailand's 3 day water-throwing New Year festival, the SONGKRAN. Celebrated in April, one of the hottest months of the year for Thailand, Thai people see this as a time for cleaning and renewal. The main form Thais celebrate the Songkran is water-throwing. The throwing of water originated as a way to pay respect to people, by capturing the water after it had been poured over the Buddhas for cleansing. Nowadays, Thais roam the streets with containers of water or water guns or post themselves at the side of roads with a garden hose and douse on-comers passing by. We caught a tuk tuk to the major Songkran attraction at Khao San Road, Bangkok. Weapon of choice? Our Super Soaker 5000's against other sized waterguns, buckets and even pressure hoses - you name it! No one came out dry.

That's me surrendering above. The word "drenched" is not even close!

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  1. This looks insanely awesome! Loving all your Thailand posts so far.

    The last time I got disposable cameras developed I went to Big W. If you can't find an independent retailer, then ask some of the big chain stores. Usually if they know their stuff they'll be able to direct you to somewhere that does develop them. Or send them offsite to get developed. Pity you're not in Brisbane, otherwise I'd be able to really give you specifics!

  2. ahhh just remembered something!

    Check out Lofico's facebook page for places that develop film. They sent out a call a while back asking for people to let them know where they got their film developed so they could set up a directory of sorts. There's a few Sydney addresses there!

  3. hello!
    thanks for your question on direct deposit, do email kisforkani[at]gmail[dot].com if you are still interested:)

  4. ..OMG ..I wish I was there as well looks like soooooo much fun :)))) that is definately my thing as well ..

  5. Wow that looks so much fun!!

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog :)

    Emma xx

  6. Ahhh looks and sounds crazy fun! You must have had the most amazing trip x

  7. Hahaha that looks like it was so much fun!!

    xx T

  8. You look like you had an amazing time at the festival, and came back soaking wet too haha :D I bet it was tons of fun though :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  9. haha great pics. the supersoaker looks like a lot of fun! x

  10. I guess one must be really prepared when going there. No to good dresses, hairs and make ups. Otherwise will be fun.
    These people won't like it:

    This event shows how open and lovely people are in this country.

  11. that looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!!

  12. WOW!!! This looks insanely fun!!
    May think about going to thailand next year just to do this, it looks like you really had the time of your life :)
    Thanks for posting!

    Leah and Georgia ♥

  13. ohh that reminds of of this festival called holi that is celebrated in India!

    I love your posts! and the video was LEGIT.

  14. I would LOVE to have been there! this looks like crazy FUN! omggg :) I like the meaning behind it too!

    PS- aw, thank you for saying my mama has good taste hehe!


  15. That looks like so much fun!

    Thanks for checking out our blog!

    <3 The Sunburn team

  16. oh you did it! awesome! water splash is all thais can fuss about over april. you've totally done the must here! congrats! we hope to welcome you back again to the land of smiles. glad to know you've got a smashin' experience here in thailand!



  17. this looks so insanely rad.

    ps i have that elephant bag/case, but mine's smaller and longer. i guess it was supposed to be a cell phone case but i have an iphone so i use it as a tampon holder... mwahahaha.


  18. omg that looks like so much fun!
    love your blog!

  19. duuuuude! looks like SO MUCH FUN!!

  20. Amazing lol!!! This post makes me miss Thailand. Bangkok was like our home away from home ;)

    We're now following you- please follow us back! :)

    T & J


  21. Great post, are you Thai? I'm from Bangkok and this amazing post made me miss it so much! I'm following you now, please follow back!

    xx. VLM.