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If you follow me on Twitter you would of seen that I was a very busy girl over the weekend, out and about in the inner west of Sydney. From Glebe to Newtown, my friend and I stopped at Glebe Markets, Finders Keepers, Newtown Markets and ended the day with some street art at Newtown's Oh Really Gallery. It sure was a productive day to be outdoors in the autumn sun and being the enthusiastic market-lovers that we are.

So here is a photo diary of our day at the markets!

Starting off at Glebe Markets, it's always a treat to check out the many jewellery stalls and the racks of endless vintage pieces. Normally I get really excited (meaning I literally squeal in desperation and my eyes pop out of their sockets) whenever I see rings and gemstones but I had refrain myself as I bought so many from Thailand. So then I had fixed my eyes on corduroy shorts instead!

After trying on all the corduroy/velvety shorts I could find, I ended up getting the dark violet ones above! They scream 70s and I decided to keep them on for the rest of the day. The weather was unexpectedly warm and I was wearing a zillion layers. Outfit post coming up next! ;)

After Glebe we went to the bi-annual Finders Keepers Markets held at CarriageWorks. Having visited both Finders Keepers last year, I was still eager to see new designers and was in the hope of finding some statement necklaces this time around. I recognized some stalls that participated in the events last year as well as new ones. There was a range of illustrations, prints, wooden brooches, screen-printed fabrics, porcelain pendants, zines and considerable amount of wooden jewellery and embroided accessories. Cute Babushka doll balloons hung from the high industrial ceiling and live music set the ambiance for the day.

These lovely illustrative prints by Catherine Campbell at My Folk Lover caught my eye first glance. I never really collected art and after seeing these prints I might just consider it. My favourite print is the one with the sailing ship - I love the movement and line in the ocean hair.

Rahh rahh it's a dinosaur!

Isn't this display cute or what! I love the artificial grass frames - so clever and eye-catching!

How amazing are these chain-link scarfs!?!! ......I WANT!!

This stall owned by Fold Studio sure did pull me in! It's clever triangular/mountain peak set up was a clever way to present their pieces effectively and in their best light. With a strong focus on wooden accents, geometric patterns and object design, it is definite each piece would make as a great statement accessory (which I was indeed looking for!)

I really liked the wooden, geometric piece below with it's use of different coloured wood and the way it plays with perspective. I liked it so much I ended up getting one for myself! :)

More wooden based accessories and cute leather iPhone covers!

An ideal piece/gift for any photographer!

Old records turned into notebook covers - the perfect gift for any musician!

Exquisite handmade macrame jewellery by Sollis Jewellery. Influenced by Masai tribal jewellery and the skilful techniques used in Ikat weaving, Sollis creates pieces that are modern, innovative and on-trend. I really like the use of mustard yellow cord, it is certainly an on-trend colour for the season! Check out their website here, as well as their delightful Finders Keepers feature.

Fun and playful pieces by Emma Kidd, the creative mind behind Benconservato. Having a penchant for monsters, critters and beasts, Emma specializes in print, illustrations, ceramics and lomography. Check out her recent work here.

Care for a slice of cake?!

This super cute stall by Meow Girl offers a funky vintage range of trinkets and porcelain animals. Specializing in hand painted porcelain pendants, owner Debbie Paltos can turn any animal into a cute delicate pendant. Meow Girl has been featured in over 100 magazines, papers, street press and fashion blogs and has been worn by celebs such as, Kirsten Dunst, Kylie Minogue, Mariah Carey and Alyssa Milano. Get up close with the full range here.

After visiting Finders Keepers, we headed to Newtown to grab a feed, check out the markets and visit the ever-so tempting vintage stores on King Street. As Wikipedia describes King Street it is a "street that the residents of the area are most visible, confirming Newtown's reputation as an cosmopolitan community with a higher than average concentration of students, homosexuals and those with an artistic bent who tend to dress with colourful flair". I always enjoy visiting the strip and one of the usual scenes you come across is real life street art - like this for example.

The painter known as 'Maurice' creates these amazing, bright and psychedelic paintings right on the footpath of King Street. The painting below is actually drying off.

Right next to the paintings is Newtown Markets. A very casual set up where locals sell their second-hand clothing, shoes, brick-a-brac and books. Whilst we were browsing, there was a film crew shooting a piece on the markets.

Some of my favourite shops in Newtown are Cream On King and 359 On King, otherwise known as The Redcross Shop which I did a store review on last year. They are both always full of stock and unique, quality pieces - I always end up walking out with a purchase and doing my bit for charity. I picked up a knitted jumper to add to my winter warmers for the season. Photos to come real soon!

There was a solo exhibition titled Oranges and Lemons I wanted to see at the Oh Really Gallery , featuring the work of Sydney Street Artist, Michael Bennett. Bennett uses aerosol, acrylic and mixed media to create works influenced and inspired by the ever changing urban surroundings. His thought provoking, sometimes controversial and shocking statements are achieved by taking mundane, everyday imagery and twisting it to suggest an alternative meaning. The use of textural and layered backgrounds juxtaposed with bold foreground images further extended this contrast created within these mash-up styled works.

You can watch this awesome video of Bennett in action here.

All in all, it was no doubt a productive day proving that Sydney especially the inner western suburbs, have a lot to offer in regards to markets, design, culture and art. It was great to be out and about and get a first hand update of what's happening in the creative and market scenes.

I know they all don't match in a single outfit shot, but here are a few snaps of what I picked up throughout the day:

A comfy, 80s inspired knit from The Redcross Shop

Geometric statement necklace by Fold Studio from Finders Keepers

and violet velvet high-waisted shorts from Glebe Markets!

I hope you all had a pleasant and productive weekend! It's sad how it goes by so quick!

Stay tuned for an upcoming outfit post and more photo-heavy Thailand posts throughout the week. I'm trying my best to get my blog up to date and it's somewhat of a challenge at the moment! Please bear with me :)

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  1. This makes me miss the city a ridiculous amount, I have hours of good memories from Glebe markets, those crepey things with pesto and lemon are the best, full stop.

  2. Woah, long post! But a great one at that, love all the pictures!! x

  3. Wow! Looks like you had an amazing day! I heard that those markets were good bur\t I didn't realise just how good. Those shorts are too cool! xx

  4. Really amazing pictures, I love the atmosphere of the markets, I miss it! Need to re-vist very soon. The weather is way too cold to head out, online shopping comes often handy in these situations, haha.


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    <3 steffy
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  9. Hey!!! I love your blog, have just spent the last hour or so reading through your posts. Particularly enjoyed the posts from Thailand. I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you Thai? My first guess was Pinoy... But don't like to assume. Looks like you had a lot of fun in Thailand, my family lived there for 11 years. I LOVE your cherokee inspired photo. I'm half cherokee ^_^

    p.s would you be offended if I asked to exchange links with you? Lovin' your blog!

  10. p.s.s Gotta' love my Sydneys. Used to fly there all the time. At least 3 times a month.

  11. ur post make me love sydney, I love market like this, the ring and curdoroy shorts are amazing!

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  13. Oh my gosh Lauren what an amazing post! I want to book flights and go straight up to Sydney, you make it look amazing (not saying that it isn't hehe...I'm just biast because I'm Melburnian). Do you know Natalie Tran from Communitychannel on Youtube? She got sent all over the world for Lonely Planet...I reckon you'd be amazing at something like that. I drooled over those corduroy shorts- you made the right choice though! x x x

  14. Amazing finds. Looks like so much fun!

  15. Great pictures! I wish I could visit those markets, they look so cool to go to :)

  16. AHHHHH! Ive been wanting some of those cord shorts ever since the first time i went to glebe! I am so jealous of yours! I've just never found the pair pair of shorts in my size =( fingers crossed i find them next time cause cords are perfect for winter!


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    Love the Finders Keepers pics :)
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