Monday, May 23, 2011


So here are the violet velvet high-waisted shorts I picked up from Glebe Markets.

After trying on so many corduroy and velvet shorts (not to mention this really amazing rust coloured pair that was far too small for me - shame!) I ended up choosing these dark purple fellas. I am happy I did because they scream the 70s with it's dark purple shade, reminiscent of the iconic velvet blazers and disco pants of the era. I happened to be wearing skinny jeans that morning, but with the unexpected warm weather on Saturday I decided to leave them on. Coincidentally, they suited my outfit I'd worn for the day.

Layering collared shirts and sweaters has been a favourite approach to my outfits as of late. It is the perfect opportunity to mix contrasting colours, patterns and fabrics whilst still looking smart casual (a big plus for my daily workwear!) In this case, I have worn my tan printed blouse underneath this amazing floral sweater from Market HQ. It's suede-like elbow patches won me over and also it's product name "Teachers Pet Jumper" - so very appropriate as I chuckled at the fact I was totally the teacher's pet back in Year 6 hahaha

As I write up this blog post, I can't help but to smirk that these photos were actually taken at Sydney University's Victoria Park. It really does tie in the underlying preppy/70s theme nicely don't you think!?! Clearly a serendipitous moment in itself! :)


Teachers Pet Jumper | Market HQ

Tan printed blouse | thrifted

Velvet high-waisted shorts | Glebe Markets

Boots | vintage eBay

Necklace | Another purchase from Glebe Markets from a past visit

Rings | Thailand

Bag | Gift from The Philippines

It was certainly a splendid day to be outdoors. One of the things I've been meaning to tick off my "Things To Do" list is to spend a whole afternoon, lying underneath a big old tree reading a book in Victoria Park. Every time I happen to be there, I'm either passing through or there chucking a short cut at night. Hopefully it won't be too long till I get the chance to do so.

So glad Monday is over! Are you..??!!

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  1. Love these photos and your outfit is awesome!!! xx

  2. ooooh i love your boots, bag & rings & then your gorgeous lippy.
    cant believe its monday :( x

  3. I love your outfit! Yeah, mondays are such a drag. it's almost over though!

  4. you look gorgeous! i love how you put all those pieces together in an outfit!

  5. wauw, I like it very much!

  6. Love this look! I love how you mixed the prints! I could never think of it and you pull it off wonderfully!

    Plus you're beautiful!

    xx THE CHEAP

  7. These velvet shorts are amazing! I think you really managed to nail this colour combo and you certainly didn't play it safe either! Perfectly miss matched prints and beautiful colour palette. Perfection my dear!

    xx ELEVEN:11

  8. so lovely! i love your lip colour! :D

  9. These shorts are adorable! Love them!

  10. Oh looks fabulous on you! Thanks for sharing the love! Think we may have to re-post your look!


  11. Love this outfit. Everything about it is great.



  12. Patches and delicate flower print looks great together. It really inspired me, and I will use this idea soon :)

  13. Love what you're wearing, Great post, stop by some time! xoxo, VLM.

  14. this is gorgeous! seriously love the styling. and yeah hahaha my bf was pretty happy at the comments but i was quick to remind him not to get a big head and to enjoy it while it lasted! hahhh xx

  15. You look sooo amazing! I love your shorts.. and like you said layering with collard shirts looks great! Also your boots & socks are fantastic.. I wish it was super nice here, but it is still in the 50's and early 60's.. guh.

  16. wow dude perfect combination of prints and colours! this oufit has actually really inspired me hehe. those shorts are one of the best possible market finds, colour love X

  17. Nice purple shorts! not many ppl could pull those off.

  18. u look so cool dear

    really like ur boots!


  19. Such a cute look! Love it!

  20. I love everything about this outfit. Elbow patched certainly aren't just for grandpas anymore! Also digging those shoes, what a great eBay find!